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Marketing manager Interview Questions in United Kingdom


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The job involves lots of travel. Can you commit?

5 Answers

Yes. Would love to


Then may be not suitable

How can we better compete against OTA's?

3 Answers

Tell me about a time when you were confronted by a project challenge and how you overcame it.

3 Answers

Are you a french National?

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Describe how you have managed disagreement

2 Answers

You are about to have your first meeting with the accounts managers to come up with a short-term marketing strategy, can you please tell me 10 questions that you would ask them?

2 Answers

The objectives of the role were extensive and specific, with specified outputs that were expected by the end of year 1. They asked me in lots of detail about my approach to each area.

2 Answers

(considering it's a digital role) What did you think of our store window?

2 Answers

How would you measure the revenue opportunity for a mobile video ad product?

2 Answers

Any old job that I have done that is similar to that one.

2 Answers
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