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Administrative Assistant- Receptionist was asked...9 August 2012

How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

23 Answers

I politely tell the client who interrupted to please standby and that I will be able to answer their questions/handle their issues shortly. If they need immediate attention I will call a member of the team to assist. Less

I apologize and ask him or her to please step in line and I’ll be right with them. If they interrupt I say understand completely and look for a manager. If there isn’t one available, I’d ask for the source of their urgency. If it’s just them being difficult without an interest in telling me their issue I’d tell them I’ll be with them shortly, I just have to help another customer. Really it helps to keep things short and simple, moving along as quickly as possible with other tasks at hand. Less

Jessica Cross

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Tell me about your redundancy (if appropriate) or why do you want to leave your present employer?

10 Answers

Just told them the truth that I was looking for a job change and why.

I am working as an independent contractor. I have a lot of Front Desk experience, from Hotels and Country Clubs. I think that my experience and drive, will make me an asset to your company. I would be delighted to introduce myself in person and discuss this wonderful position. Less

I have been working in The Hospitality Industry for many years , in Hotels as well Country Clubs. Now I am an independent contractor and work on several projects at this time. I am looking to go back to my roots, which is being a Front Desk Receptionist. Less

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If I hire you, how long will you stay in the company?

8 Answers

This thing depends on my career if I well be present my self as good and hard work employ and as per company policy company delivered me good benefits of my efforts than I well stay with company full life like other employees Less

Life time


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Four Seasons

Tell me about yourself

6 Answers

They are not asking your full name or age. Just tell them how you paved your academic and professional pathway up to now. Less

i m from sri lanka , 27 old i m working as chef,

my name is shankar chaudhary currently i am working on Anantara Hotel Resort & Spa, Doha Qatar as Airport Representative. i have done HSEB on Commerce and Hotel Management form Nepal. i have almost 6 year working experience on Lux* hotels and another 6 years on Computer operator. I have my wife in my family in Nepal. Less

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Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center

What is something that you can bring to this company?

5 Answers

Great people skills

Hard work and dedication

Friendly, great people person!

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Prysmian Group

Was asked numerous questions: Alright first set of questions. What does a company owe its employees? What other companies are you interviewing with? -I believe a company owes its employees Gratitude and Appreciation. I am currently not interviewing with any other Companies at this time. Are you currently employed? How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position if hired? -I am not currently employed and intend to dedicate my full 8 hour day to this position if hired. What qualities do you look for in a boss and What motivates you to do your best on the job? Do you have any QuickBooks experience & why do you want to work for this company? What is your clerical speed(WPM)? -I look for strong leadership qualities, considerate, helpful/mentor type. I believe that hard work and dedication everyday motivates me to do my best. I have very little QuickBooks experience it has been a few years since I have used the program. I believe I would be a great fit for this company, I have 9 years of data entry experience and working with spreadsheets, data, financial figures/budgets. My clerical speed is 72WPM

5 Answers

Above ^

Sept. 6 Received the same email from Terry Charlton to speak with Dayane Ribeiro via Google Hangouts. Thank you for your post, as it alerted me to the scam before I proceeded! Less

This just happened to me. What should I do?

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Greenwich Hospital

Experience with patients and customer service skills

5 Answers

Excellent customer service

I had many years of experience

I am a young bilingual certified medical assistant ready to find a job match in my area i am full of motivation quick adapter full of respect and car Less

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 Answers

Being a manager

A stock holder

Being in charge interviewing new applicants

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Do you get star struck?

5 Answers

Honestly, I wouldn’t know who a person was until someone else points out who they are. Less

No. I worked at the four seasons hotel. A lot of the guest where stars. My career has always been at Corporate law firms, Small and large. I worked with high profile clients all the time, from politicians to actors and singers. I take pride in being professional at all times. Less

No I have worked with high profile clients majority of my career. I take pride in always staying professional Less

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