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Senior project manager Interview Questions in United Kingdom


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What metrics did you use for your last project? How did you shut down an unsuccessful test? How would you define an MVP? How do you work with engineers and designers? How do you interact with stakeholders?

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What's the one thing you can bring to this role that no-one else can?

2 Answers

Convince me quickly, I am leaving in 5 minutes why we should hire you?

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1. Why Unilever? 2. Why have you applied online? 3. Worst Failure? 4. Under performing vendor, what did u do to turn it around?

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Tell me about three people who hate you?

1 Answer

How would you manage a project end to end?

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What if I cant challenge the other person?

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Why did you leave Company X (over 2 years ago)?

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What is your experience of Agile?

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Experience in drafting business procses and implementing business change

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