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Solutions Architect was asked...26 April 2018

Below are some of the questions I could remember that they asked. Hope it helps What is CIDR block and what do you use it for Troubleshoot a webpage that can't access the DB Troubleshoot why you can't access a webpage server What is DOS/DDOS and how to mitigate this What is CDN and why is it important who would setup the CDN What is database indexing and why is it important Difference between NOSQL and RDBS Difference between object storage and file system Difference between Asymetric and symetric crypto Whats a three tier web page architect,and how do you monitor to see a bottleneck and how do you improve it How would you design an e-commerce web page and how would you improve it What is MSA If you collected logs and wanted to store them for 14 days then move them over to permanent storage for a few years how would you do this How would you analyze objects stored in S3 and share them with users What ports do databases use Difference between IOPS, Throughput, and Latency What is a web application firewall and how do you use it, what layer is it on How would you monitor utilization of equipment in a datacenter How do you secure a web site How would a developer make an API friendlier Of the 14 principles which one do you relate with mostly and use at work, Which one do you not agree with

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CIDR - Classless Inter-domain Routing, Which replaced the old class based IP addressing scheme based on A,B & C. CIDR has 2 parts a network Address (samel like normal IP address) followed with a subnet prefix. the subnet prefix decides how many bits of the IP address has taken for network. and rest will be allocated for the subnet. Less

DoS- Denial of Service DDos - Distributed Denial of service. AWS Shield will provide protection for CDN and S3 from DDoS attack . Less

IOPS - Input and output per seconds - measure the capacity in terms of the number request can be served in a second. Throughput - The volume of data that can be handles and measured in MBPS Latency - is the time between a request and response. Less

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The 1st telephonic interview was around technical question from applications to storage. TCP vs UDP , NAS vs SAN , RAID 5 vs 0+1 , Firewalls , Hypervisor , Load Balancer , Containers, Dockers,Pupper Shef , CDN , Map reducer , big data , SQL vs NO SQL , Router , Switch , OSI model , development tools , unix shell scripting , tuning rdbms , running application , tuning I/O , SOA , Continuous Integration , Continuous deployment , Monolithic application , loosely coupled application , Cloud security, Encryption , dedup, WAN optimization For 2nd telephonic it was mainly focused on example based like Give me an example where you have done something which no one has done , give me an example where you have failed , give me an example where you went out of your charter/comfort zone to help someone , give me an example where you have handled a difficult customer and how you have handled it , what have u learn new lately and how you have implemented it , Next was face2face onsite for whole day it started with presentation/white boarding then one technical and four example based interviews , in a few example based interviews they might ask you to do a architecture white boarding

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the techround in face2face round was more or less same like the phone screen . They expect the SA should have knowledge on all the areas plus depth in 1-2 area. If you have depth in 1-2 area they are going to go deep in that. It make sense to tell them initially that your expertise is in which area so that they can go deep into the same Less

HI, I just took my first interview with Amazon and I was asked to come for second interview. In the email, HR asked me to prepare more or less same way I have prepared for the first interview. I was wondering if you could give me insights about the second and third interview? I am coming from non-software background, it is more or less based on telecommunications and networking. If I am called for on-site interview, did you happen to do coding problem on site? Your insight would be highly appreciated. Less

Its very important that you learn the 14 amazon leadership principles , your example based answers should reflect them also try to learn their offering , if possible complete the aws solution architecture training since it helps in white boarding Less

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Describe what happens at Layer 2?

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The second layer is the Data link layer. It is that layer that operates with switches. this is also the layer that works with MAC addresses. This layer transfers data between adjacent network nodes in a wide area network or between nodes on the same local area network segment. Less

The second layer of the OSI model would be the Data Link Layer which consists of two additional layers - MAC - Media Access Control and Logical Link Layer. Logical Link helps provide flow control, acknowledgment and error notification and the MAC Layer is a fancy way of 'access control'. If you are a 'Star Trek The Next Generation' fan one easy way to describe this layer is the universal translator in the TNG universe. It would essentially translate digital requests into ones their physical counterparts can understand. The same way language would seem to magically pass through this device to the physical data link layer and then, in turn, tell it how to communicate with your brarin and then back out without your needing to know. Less

The second layer is the Data link layer. It is that layer that operates with switches. this is also the layer that works with MAC addresses. This layer transfers data between adjacent network nodes in a wide area network or between nodes on the same local area network segment. Less

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Name five Linux commands that have five or more letters.

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compress/uncompress, netstat, cksum, hostname, crontab, alias Wonder why they ask such silly questions.? Isn't it easy to google? Less

shutdown, chmod, chown, ifconfig, chkconfig

Just create 5 distinct aliases for ls that have 5 or more letters, the only reasonable answer to this childish quiz Less


What would you do if a web application could not talk to the database?

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I would first verify the database is up, check RDS monitoring to see if anything sticks out. Check the security group of the database to ensure that the port the web app connects to it on has the right source sg/subnets Less

I will check if there is any firewall and check ports if they are open

Process of elimination, See if any other apps using the database are down. Try to establish if it's a database server issue. If not I'd move to the firewall and establish port 1521 was open on the database server. If that checked out I would start on the webserver and probably start with rebooting the webserver, since it's down anyway. Start with the simple stuff and work my way through troubleshooting the webserver, is the webserver running, services started, error logs, etc... Less


How many 9's of availability are required?

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As many 9's as the customer wants it to be!

S3 data storage 99.99% for Standard 99.9% for Standard - Infrequent Access 99.99% for Reduced Redundancy Storage 99.999999999% for Durability Less

For what?


No, specific interview questions as such (tells you how inefficient the process is) but mostly talking about your CV and past experience.

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Just talk about your past projects and

There were a few red flags throughout the recruitment process but I chose to accept the job and only focus on the positives. You live and learn Less

I had a similar recent experience with "JLL London" There were red flags throughout the recruitment process but I chose to accept the job and only focus on the positives. You live and learn Less


Suppose you had bank transaction data, and wanted to separate out likely fraudulent transactions. How would you approach it? Why might accuracy be a bad metric for evaluating success?

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What they were getting at here is that fraudulent bank data is has extremely imbalanced classes. If you were to train a supervised classifier on the data as you got it ( with no method of counteracting the class imbalances) then your classifier would predict probably 98-99% accuracy. Why? Because it only saw a few actual cases of fraud. So it learned to ALWAYS predict that the transaction was real. Then, if your test set has 99 real cases and 1 fake case, then it predicts all are real, and achieves 99% accuracy. This is bad. Thats what they were wanting to hear. Less

There are traditional machine learning approaches and deep learning approaches. It can be treated as a classification problem (variations of decision trees, etc.) or a clustering problem, or an anomaly detection problem. Accuracy as a metric could be problematic because unbalanced data set. Less

This can be solved using both supervised and un supervised method


Tell me about the decision you made that was wrong/right?

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Hi, I have recently found out that they ask very detailed information about current salary. Did they ask you the same during your hiring process? if so, did they seek any documents (like pay stubs or contacting your previous employer) to verify your answer? Thank you in advance. Less

Thanks for the insight - can you talk more about face2face interview rounds? Any help would be highly appreciated mate. Less

focus on the leadership principles and tell a story that tackles a number of them all at once. Less


How do my ethics and values fit into Microsoft’s

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Hi I have gone through the technical screening now i have the assessment round, please can u let me know the examples of what to prepare for the Deep technical level, presentation( what topics would come) and commercial round. Please kindly provide your valuable suggestions. thanks Less

Guys, can you shed some light on what kind of questions and preparation you had done in both rounds especially the initial technical assessment and after? Less

HI, I have recevied a call from Microsoft Recruiter last week. They mentioned there would be some technicall assessment and if I pass, will be called for some back to back interview panel, including presentations. Can you please advise further on the possible areas that the technical assesment would cover. types of questions there, and also some more details how the internal pannel was, like what type of presentation was asked, if any. Thanks, Less

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