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My past experience, why do I want to work for aldi. The usual stuff

8 Answers

Little research into values of the company and how I relate to them

on your 2 hour experience in the store what kind of stuff did you do? was it easy?

it was simple but busy. Did health and safety worksheet. There are little tests they give you like a maths test about how much change you should give etc, also you have a sheet with a bunch of items and you have to find the code for the items, write them down and get as many as you can in a time limit. The main thing was i was with a supervisor who i went into store and unpacked pallets of stock with him. They are timed but as long as you feel confident there shouldnt be much of an issue. try not to wear anything warm, i was sweating in my coat. I heard back later that day and was offered the job

Why Aldi? What do you know about Aldi? Previous work experience etc. When have you worked as a team etc?

5 Answers

Why did you leave your previous jobs?

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Tell me about a time you had to handle a dissatisfied customer?

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What do I know about the company?

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Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

To name 3 key words that define me, as a Store Manager.

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Why are you the right candidate?

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What do you know about the company

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What skills could you bring to the team. What do you know about Aldi, What's the difference between Aldi and other supermarkets

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