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Metabolic Living
Vice President of Project Management was asked...19 January 2022

There are 9 other questions coming, they're all for very specific reasons, we read them all and do not use AI. The key is to provide as much depth as you feel necessary to differentiate. Here's #1: Why are you leaving your current job, what excites you most about this opportunity and how does it align with your 5-10 year vision for your professional advancement? Required 2) Have you lead the setup of a PMO and/or lead project management company-wide before? If so, please describe that experience, what you did, what you learned and whether it involved SAFe or a similar scaled project management framework? Required 3) What role does health and wellness play in your life? Do you have a particular approach, or philosophy you follow? What’s your daily routine? Are there any challenges you have overcome that you are super proud of? Required 4) What’s best example of you successfully juggling fulfilling your duties as a leader of project managers while also diving hands-on into the nitty-gritty to actually manage a particularly challenging project? Required 5) What are you most passionate about outside of work that you invest a lot of personal time into (aside from family and pets :-))? Required 6) What's the best example of a customer-facing digital product / mobile app project you successfully delivered into the iOS and/or Android stores – briefly, what was the objective, what obstacles did you have to overcome, what did you learn from it? Required 7) What role do habits and routines play in your professional and personal life? Please share a specific example that brings to life your beliefs around these topics. Required 8) Aside from "when can I start?" :-) what's your #1 question for us? Required 9) Being hyper-organized, systems- and process-focused is critical to success in this role – what’s a brief example that best demonstrates those skills?

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In a lot of detail and with carefully consideration. However, it was moot and not worth my time. Less

Companies that do this are lazy and careless

J.P. Morgan

The usual - tell me about yourself, do you have certifications, do you have what it takes to work in a global distributed environment, etc.

1 Answers

explained about myself clearly but they keep asking the same questions in a different formats and I was consistent in letting them know that my answers didn't change. For rest of the questions, of course, I answered positively hence I got the assignment. Less

J.P. Morgan

Which position are you most interested in, A or B?

1 Answers

I said that I was good at both, but would prefer A.

Union Bank

General Product Management questions related to deposits

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What is the largest program you have run?

1 Answers

I ran the VA's 374 million dollar HCIP Program and established the PMO office support it. Less


How do you manage conflicts and what techniques do you use?

1 Answers

open discussion, bring both sides together, build trust. If cant resolve then escalate Less


Tell me about a time when you had a personal conflict with another employee

1 Answers

I let the hiring manager know that I have not had any conflicts with other employees Less

Credit Suisse

The person kept asking about use of specific tools in what was framed as a situational question and seemed to be seeking different answers than what I felt the question warranted.

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I kept stating that, as an experienced PM (over 20 years), I was basically tool agnostic and focused on how I managed people and processes. Less

Spandana Sphoorty

Why are u the best fit?

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Name all subordinates, their titles and location... and same for boss?

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