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Do you have a Revolut card?

1 Answer

When I answered "no" I've seen the blood draining from the interviewer's face - he was in absolute shock; just couldn't believe that I haven't signed up as soon as I submitted my CV. It was absolutely ridiculous how he responded to my answer. Senior management in media is talking about not spending on marketing, so it looks like they make every applicant sign up to an account even though they will never use it - clearly this company will never make profits long-term.

Why would you want to work here?

1 Answer

They are following the usual recruitment process

What other markets do you think would make sense to enter with our AI?

How do you think working for BBC Worldwide differs from working from for the BBC ?

Tell me what you know about JPM's private banking products and processes

I was asked to suggest how I may react to a case-study I was provided with. The response I gave was broadly common sense, the case study test in this case could have only weeded out the most ignorant or simple minded candidates, it certainly was not taxing in the least!

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