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Haphazard except for 1 interview. I didn't feel if they had any respect for candidate's time and effort. They comfortably ghost candidates. I would say stay away as I am not sure if they are serious about hiring. They claim they move fast but they do not progress at all.

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My interview went very well. Least I was expecting a feedback at least as I was interviewed for almost 6 hours. Extremely disappointed with their process. If it can be called a process.

How do you deal with C-level executives?

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How good are you at getting stuck into technical related issues.

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None. All fair and expected questions. Typical ones: what are your weaknesses? Why Barclays? What can you add to the organisation?

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Technology questions - terms, product names and then scenario questions

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Relevant experience in previous roles

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I was asked java technical questions in one of my interview which included topics such as memory management, performance, queue implementation, garbage collection with focus on performance and latency

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