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Waitrose Supermarket Assistant Interview Questions


Waitrose supermarket assistant interview questions shared by candidates

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How do you check the quality of a product?

1 Answer

Look online for answers, or maybe ask somebody who works in a supermarket environment. I answered this question but the woman told me I had answers she had never heard of before which was good.

Who was your favorite chef and why?

2 Answers

Why are you applying for Waitrose

1 Answer

Sell a meal to me

1 Answer

How can you ensure the high quality of products is maintained in store?

1 Answer

In the one-to-one interview: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

1 Answer

What does it take to be a successful partner at Waitrose

Try and sell this product to us

1 Answer

In what ways do you have experience with customer relations?

Why should we choose you?

1 Answer
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