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Gulf Warehousing Company
WAREHOUSE TEAM LEAD was asked...16 May 2018

Do you have Logistic experience?

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We're looking to get rid of four people, would you be able to help us do that?

3 Answers

I'm not management and that is not my place to plot how to fire someone if its done intentionally Less

Good to know the integrity of this joint is still an issue.

You use to work for labelmaster

CJ Logistics America

how would you hold people accountable

2 Answers

As a lead we are supposed to guide our employees on the floor the way we should be working as active leaks we check to cover the shipping office to make sure the trailer been completed and the drivers are leaving our yard within the two hours on appointment time we have follow the appointment schedule and meet their needs for the company service always read the emails and respond right away customer service is our first hand window to communicating with our customers we treat our customers 100% above standards they are our customer the are our lead person were always ready for anything Less

first of all employees are held accountable on a standard engineering scale what we do as Leeds is do a walk through on top performance to make sure that the employees are following standard procedures if we see potential opportunity for improvement we notify them after the observation.important thing is to demonstrate to employees that we have encouragement and support and nurture to meeting the goals for the company and for the pre-processes or procedures we Nevers called employees or belittle them or talk bad about them at least we have a higher priority to make sure we act accordingly on the floor as we should be viewing our mentors Less


Behavior type questions (tell me a time you disagreed with a supervisor, made a mistake, etc.).

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STAR Method

Where are you working?


Willingness to learn new things.

1 Answers

I'm always open to better myself.

What kind of experience do you have wit heavy duty truck parts?

1 Answers

I have experience wit many varieties of part that include auto parts, RV parts etc. I added that this is something that one could easily adapt to since many parts are solidarity in nature and function in similar ways and I am a quick learner. Less

Acme Distribution Centers

What experience do you have?

1 Answers

Four years experience in warehouse, know how to operate just about every machine possible in a warehouse. Started at entry level and worked my way up to warehouse lead. I started from the ground up and showed I can take on more responsibilities to start to utilize me to my full potential. Less


Please describe how you have solved a conflict between co workers before

1 Answers

I've never had any conflict because we've always gotten along really well.


What makes a good manager, what would make me a better candidate than the next applicant. How would i handel work politics within teammates

1 Answers

One who knows how to do the position and expects all employees with same job title to perform duties same as co-workers Less

Nikomed USA

Do you think you can do this job?

1 Answers

Revealed my determination and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Less

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