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Explain a time you have used excellent customer care?

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This could be difficult to answer if you've never worked with customers before, in this case, explain that you haven't actually dealt with any customers before, but give some examples of times you have received good customer care yourself, showing them that you know what good customer service is.

Hi I've got a 1 to 1 interview in Asda this week and they said if I'm successful I will be invited for an induction there. I just wondered how long does it take for the induction, and what do you have to do? thank you

Hi, I'm not sure if ASDA is the same across the country when it comes to induction policies etc. However I have worked for ASDA twice and both times the inductions were very similar. So I'll talk you through what we did over the two days: Day 1 - 10:00AM - 18:00PM This day started with us all getting together and meeting in the staff canteen we were then brought through into the training room and given forms to fill out (there are a lot of forms) all basic stuff , for example bank stuff , uniform orders , job role specific talks etc. We then got a best welcome handbook and an asda colleague handbook. The best welcome handbook is like a workbook , you basically just have to go over all of asda's policies (ethics etc) and fill them out as you go along, for each section there is a quiz at the end , scoring 100% on those small quizzes is mandatory, however it is all really basic stuff you just have to make sure you are listening and paying attention to the host all the time. There is some videos to watch about the ASDA way of doing things - the 4 main asda pledges , I'll give you a head start - 1. Service to our customers 2. respect for the individual 3. strive for excellence 4. act with integrity .. just basically a few quizzes relating to that. You are then given your asda smart card with a key code so you can get into the building and you can also load that card with money to buy stuff from the canteen etc. You are taught how to clock in and out using the machines and normally a tour of the building is thrown in there at some point, plenty of chances to bond with your new fellow employees. I quite enjoyed it. Day 2 - 08:00am - 16:00pm this is VIDEO DAY ! at least it was for me anyway , for a large part of the second day it was watching videos on everything related to health and safety at asda and also about good customer care and just about everything in between, there is a large checklist of everything that you need to be signed off on, small things for example like using the pump fork truck to drag groceries and how to construct a cage and do general maintenance around the place , one big health and safety day basically , this is essential for all colleagues, it is a long day , but all useful stuff, There was then another assessment which is mandatory for all new colleagues, called CBL (Computer based learning) this for me was a test on the ethics policy at asda. I was shown a clip and then basically had to answer questions relating to the clip. You have to score at least 80% on the test, Once again if you pay attention you'll pass it's not difficult. When you've passed it you're able to work on the shop floor. The last part of the day for me anyway was a bit of on the job training , even though i work in the warehouse, I was taught how to use a checkout and actually did checkout operating for about 45 minutes , now ive done that training I am able to work the checkouts and should I ever be called upon I'll be able to go on them . So do expect to be on a till on day 2 of the inductions. To round it up , the induction is long and can be quite repetitive feeling however , once it's done it's done. Just make sure that you pay attention, don't shy away from asking any questions and answer all the quiz and CBL questions with care ensuring you don't make any mistakes.

They ask me what do I know about next itself?

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would i be able to work nights

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Tell us about a time you had a conflict at work and how you dealt with it.

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When I first went into the interview, the interviewer said "if your looking for an easy driving job, then I'm not your man". After that, I was asked what I knew about the company and general driving questions, such as, any car accidents over the last few years, car mileage over the last two years, any points on your Driving Licence and do you have a criminal record ?

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Tell us about yourself and why you applied for this role?

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Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?

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Why haven't you been signing on?

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