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Weekend supervisor Interview Questions


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Can you tell us a time you dealt with a difficult member of staff? " " difficult customer? Tell us about a time when you delivered great customer service? The rest was mainly about communication and how my experience meant I was ready for progression.

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Difficult customer: Yes I have had to deal with a couple of difficult members of staff, however with most they are really hard working and always work as a team, an example where I had a difficult member of staff was when one of my colleagues kept walking off the customer services desk leaving me alone with a very big queue, the way I dealt with this is I privately spoke to my supervisor about this situation where they spoke to my colleague one on one, this still didn't really impact so my supervisor done a correct thing by speaking to their line manager where the issue was finally solved Great Customer Service: I have done my best to deliver great customer service at all times, an example can be where a lady came to me to exchange a yellow dress, however she was dissapointed that there was none in her size on the shop floor, so I told her I can look on the system whether we have any in stock, luckily there was some in stock and I told her I will go and get it from the stockroom, once I found her size she was really happy because she really needed that dress for a party and I'm glad that I've made her day.

How would you deal with a poor performing member of staff?

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Tell me about a time you gave or received customer service. What was good about it?

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What do you think makes a good supervisor and why?

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Tell me about a time you have given good customer service and how would you encourage others to give high levels of customer service?

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