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The Phoenix Partnership Overview
Leeds, England
201 to 500 employees
Company - Private
Information Technology
Unknown / Non-Applicable

TPP is a market leading UK based IT company, dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare software through our innovative products; SystmOne, SystmOnline, SystmInsight and ... Read more

Mission: Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic patient record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care. We are known for our outstanding achievements across the NHS, providing electronic patient records on a ... Read more

Company Updates

  • We've been featured in Leeds-List as the best company to work for in Leeds - take a look!

    This Might Just Be the Best Place to Work in Leeds...

    TPP is a Leeds-based IT company that's dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software - and they're looking for bright, dedicated people to help them do it. Find out more...

  • We have hired someone every four days this year!

    30 graduates set to join TPP! - TPP

    Since January, TPP has hired someone every four days! Over 30 graduates will be starting at the company over the next few months. Coming from a variety of academic backgrounds, they will be filling vacancies for the software developer, analyst and account manager roles.

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The Phoenix Partnership – Why Work For Us?

TPP is a UK based IT company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software through our innovative products; SystmOne, SystmConnect, SystmInsight and SystmOnline.

Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care.

  • SystmOne holds over 40 million patient records
  • A SystmOne record is created every 9 seconds

  • SystmOne is used in over 5,000 NHS organisations – including more than 2,700 GP practices and all 142 prisons

  • SystmOne has 100% system availability – verified by the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre

Local Community

TPP is a company that is proud of its local roots. Situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, in the small town of Horsforth, TPP is fully aware of the positive impact a successful business can make within a community. As a result, we regularly make contributions to charitable and environmental causes and actively promote ethical and social responsibility.


We ensure our company is kept as paper-light as possible and all waste paper is recycled on a regular basis. TPP works to ensure the well-being of all staff members through short working hours, comfortable office environment, physiotherapy massage and social activities. Organised blood donor sessions mean employees can donate blood inside working hours. Staff are also encouraged to take part in voluntary activities and sports events in the community. In addition, TPP have sponsored several charities and local initiatives.

At TPP, we also believe it is important to support other local businesses and that’s why, from stationery to sandwiches, and from couriers to cleaners, we have always sought out the best local companies to work with. We are proud that our company helps to bring new jobs and new business to the local community.


Working at TPP 

Do you want a job where your intelligence, problem solving and social skills matter more than previous work experience? Do you have a good degree but haven’t found the right career?

This is a challenging and rewarding job with salary and benefits to match. Opportunities to learn at TPP are continuous. You will be given projects to manage, problems to solve and lots of responsibility. 

The skills required for all candidates are: 

  • Problem solving and analytical skills 
  • Good communication skills 
  • A passion for learning and a desire to succeed 
  • A drive for career progression 
  • Organised, motivated and a proactive attitude with a desire to learn and progress
  • To work hard, to take responsibility and play your part – we believe that every member of the team, no matter how new or experienced, has a valid contribution to make.
  • To tell us what you’re thinking – everyone has an input into decisions, both major and minor,
     and we will want to hear your opinions and ideas.
  • To ask questions – we never want you to carry out tasks you don’t understand or to
    struggle in silence.
  • To be aware and alert – because TPP’s offices are open-plan, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll learn a lot.

TPP staff will have the opportunity to take on significant responsibilities from early on in your career. You will be helping to tackle various challenges that require excellent communication and investigative skills.  You will have the opportunity to interact with individuals from different healthcare sectors around the world, including the UK, China and the Middle East.

A typical day does not exist for a graduate at TPP! Read reviews from our current employees on The Job Crowd site

To learn more about each of our roles, read through our staff profiles:


Technical Operations

I joined TPP in 2012 after graduating with a degree in Computing. Whilst searching for graduate roles and entry level IT jobs, I came across the Technical Operations position. I was drawn to the role by the opportunity to start working immediately with enterprise level servers, network equipment and one of the largest databases in the world. The other jobs I considered often either started at a low level of expertise or required years of experience, so this suited me perfectly.

 Within a couple of days of starting I was able to use the skills I had learned at university to investigate, troubleshoot and improve an existing part of the infrastructure. I was delighted by the responsibility and confidence that my new colleagues had in my ability to complete tasks of this importance. This ethos is integral to the company; no matter how recently you started, you are trusted to pick up work of any difficulty, and you will always be given support by experienced members of the team when you need it.

During my first year I completed a project that involved adding new functionality to SystmOne. This included selecting, configuring and building the hardware, software and networks for the project. Within a matter of months this was being used by millions of people to view their patient records. 

One of the great things about working in the Technical Operations team is the wide variety of work that we undertake. As we are responsible for the TPP infrastructure that spans several data centres situated across the world, we face constant exciting challenges. On a day to day basis your tasks can vary from carrying out a database optimisation, troubleshooting technical issues, or delivering a project from beginning to end. No two days are ever the same!

Pippa BSc Mathematics & Physics – Durham

Software Developer

I started working at TPP as a Software Developer shortly after graduating in 2014 with a BSc in Maths and Physics from Durham University. I had never done any coding before but everyone here is very helpful and supportive, and I was writing code from my first week. When you first start you are learning something knew all the time and the work is both challenging and rewarding. This means that I am never bored, and also that I get a lot of personal satisfaction from my work. 


I moved away my family and friends to start here, but there were lots of other graduates starting around the same time so we naturally grouped together; this made moving much easier for me. A lot of us tend to go to the pub after work on a Friday (and take full advantage of the free tab!) which is a great way to get to know people.

It’s impossible to describe day-to-day work here because it’s so fast-paced and each day brings something new. I’ve worked on lots of different projects in the company, and most recently spent time on the China project. After having worked on UK projects, it was fascinating to see a completely different approach to healthcare and it’s really satisfying to have a part in designing a system that will improve patient care across the world.


Placement Year

The TPP Placement stood out to me due to the variety of work I’d be getting involved
with; from day one I wasn’t disappointed. I never expected to be given so much responsibility so quickly, and I really did not think my day-to-day work would be so diverse.

After only working at the company for a short time I was asked to organise a GP Demo Day in Bournemouth. It was my responsibility to oversee and manage every step of the process; this included a range of tasks from financial budgeting and contract work, to marketing the whole event. I travelled to Bournemouth with my colleagues to see my hard work pay off and the day was a huge success; I’m really proud of what I achieved.

Every day I learn something new about working in a business environment, and I’ve been given numerous chances to work with every team in the company. This ranges from working directly with our Finance Director, to managing supplier accounts and even running an entire recruitment campaign. My knowledge has developed further than I could have ever predicted!

Placement students are expected to have a voice at TPP and we are given the chance to take on lots of responsibility, which is great for our development. After my first week of work I could see an immediate increase in my self-confidence. Being placed in a variety of challenging situations, I had learned how to overcome anything with full professionalism. Some people may see these experiences as daunting, but the constant support and guidance from my colleagues have made every situation as successful as it is rewarding.


Deployment Specialist

After a couple of years working in jobs with no opportunity for progression, I was keen to start a career. I joined TPP as a Trainee Deployment Specialist in October 2012 and within a few months I was deploying SystmOne to GP practices all over the UK.

The Deployment Specialist role is extremely varied and involves managing every aspect of the deployment process, making sure that all different types of organisations are able to go live on their chosen date.

I have also deployed SystmOne on a much larger scale, for example last year I oversaw two of the company’s biggest projects to date. This involved data migrations for 100 separate services across the whole healthcare sector including community units, hospitals and mental health services.

As part of these projects I attended high level board meetings and was responsible for making important decisions, alongside my colleagues. Even though some of the other people working on this project had a lot more deployment experience, I always found that my ideas were listened to and taken seriously. Working on this project gave me invaluable skills and knowledge, and it was so rewarding when they went live!

The Deployment team also oversee TPP’s Human Resources & administration. In this role I have recently helped to improve the company’s invoicing process, and I’m now focusing on recruitment. With this much variety in my work no two days are ever the same.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at TPP, as there is always something new around the corner and I enjoy the buzz; my days absolutely fly by. There are so many places to work where you are just a number, but TPP certainly isn’t one of them!

Sarah-Louise Stuffins

Helpdesk Operative

I have been working on the Helpdesk since June 2015. As the company expands, the role of the helpdesk is constantly growing and changing. Some of our responsibilities include providing over the phone training support for SystmOne users and local helpdesks, logging and resolv
ing training queries and system configuration. We also deal with incident and problem management.

Within two weeks of starting, I was already trusted to take calls directly from users. I was confident enough to do this as there is a great team on the Helpdesk who support each other to learn and grow. We also work alongside staff in other teams such as the Software Developers and Analysts. Working on the Helpdesk is always interesting and rewarding, and the team are always helpful and keen to get involved.

My favourite aspect of working at TPP is that every day is different, and that you are given the opportunity to take on plenty of responsibility. Overall it’s a stimulating role that provides a lot of opportunities to develop new skills, and the company as a whole is extremely sociable which means you quickly feel at home.

I really enjoy working for TPP and am looking forward to seeing how the Helpdesk develops as the company itself grows. 


Product Specialist

As a Product Specialist for over 6 years, I've passed accreditation on almost every module of SystmOne. This means that I could be delivering a training course in a prison one week, and then providing a system demonstration to a mental health unit the next. I'm always looking ahead in my diary to see what’s on the horizon and I'll often log in to the test environments to make sure I'm confident and knowledgeable in the areas that I’ll be dealing with.

Since TPP’s expansion internationally, our job also includes working in places like the Middle East and China, where we get to enjoy new cultures and experiences. When staying away from home, TPP look after us really well. Keeping fit and healthy is important to me, so they always try to book somewhere with gym facilities. They also look to see who else from the team will be working in the same area so that we can stay in the same place.

During my time at TPP, I have grown so much as a person and gained many new skills. I never imagined I could deliver a presentation to hundreds of people but now I know that I excel at this, which has given me a lot more belief in myself. 

My colleagues have become a second family to me. We are always calling each other for advice and have shared so many amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as visiting the Great Wall of China, travelling to work in a tuk tuk in India and celebrating the company’s 15 year anniversary. I really feel that by working for TPP, I'm part of something special.

Some of our Software Developers have their say:

Jake (BA Physics – University of Oxford)

I’ve been a Software Developer at TPP for two years. For me the best thing has been that you are given responsibility from day one. The flat hierarchy means that your opinion is as important as anyone else’s, and you are encouraged to get involved with complicated problems as soon as you arrive. For someone who had no coding experience before I started, this was great as I quickly learned how to be a developer.

At TPP there is much more to being a developer than just writing code. As well as gaining a variety of technical skills that are highly sought after in the tech industry, you also get the chance to get involved with the management of multinational projects and with driving the direction of the company as a whole. Being able to travel internationally has been a great experience, and I’ve been to China several times now to help design and develop our Chinese system.

I love working at TPP because the work is highly varied and extremely interesting. From a very early stage you become an important part of the team and people will respect your opinion and listen to your ideas.

Moving north was quite a big change for me as I had lived down south my whole life. However I’ve loved living in Horsforth. It’s on the doorstep of the Yorkshire dales, which are perfect for long summer days with some amazing scenery, but also on the edge of Leeds which is a fantastic city with lots to do and loads of places to go.  

Susannah (BSc Mathematics - York)

When I graduated last year, I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of job I was looking for. I wanted to be challenged and given responsibility alongside the opportunity to use my languages. I started working at TPP this year as an Analyst and immediately felt welcome joining a team developing new functionality for SystmOne.

As soon as you start you are treated as an important member of the team. From day one, every day has been different and the weeks have flown by. I love knowing that my work has a positive impact, and the company is heading in a very exciting direction on an international scale.

After a few weeks in the company, I was approached about becoming a Software Developer. Given the opportunity to shadow one as a taster, I realised how much the role suited the way I think. I never truly believed the ‘no experience required’ advert but it is so true!

The atmosphere at TPP is really friendly and everyone is always willing to help. The whole company works together so whether an Analyst or a Software Developer, we’re all working towards the same goal.

Louis (BSc Physics  -  Leeds)

I finished my final year at the University of Leeds in 2012. At that point all I knew was that I didn't want to move back home. Leeds is such a lively city, and I didn't want to give up my regular walks in the Yorkshire Dales nearby. I found out about TPP just before my graduation and, to be quite honest, didn't know what to expect. Who knows what to expect of any job fresh out of uni?

The staff I talked to when I applied for the job were really helpful. I found out about all of the amazing benefits that TPP offer, and the uncommonly collaborative way that everyone works together. I secured a job as Software Developer before I even got my final year results, which was a great stress off my mind, and I've never looked back!

A day in the life is always difficult to write because, as a Software Developer, my day is always so varied. Developers are involved in all parts of the development process, from scoping and planning, to writing, testing and deploying the code. As well as the normal development parts of my job, we are all able to get involved with different tasks from across the company. You can pick up as many of these as you like. I, personally, get stuck in with planning social events and going to recruitment fairs; as well as being in charge of Fire Marshalling for the building.

After my interview I was told it wasn't a job I was being offered, it was a career. The time has flown by since then and I can definitely see myself staying for years to come. I'm sure I will have a long and fruitful career at TPP.

Luke (MEng Informatics - Cambridge)

I grew up in Bradford (a few miles from Leeds) and after graduating in 2009, I was determined to get back to my Yorkshire roots. I saw TPP's advert next to one of the Engineering Department vending machines, noted down the details and sent off my application. Soon after, I received a call from one of the Software Developers at TPP, we had a quick chat and I immediately realised it was the place for me. After my interview and job offer, I even had the chance to go travelling around the USA for a few months before beginning my new career.

Within about two weeks of starting I was given the challenge of improving how SystmOne’s appointment booking process worked. I remember how great it was to work on something so important that early in my career, and I also remember how good my new teammates were at teaching and helping me through something which was, to be honest, a very daunting task for someone fairly new to coding!

After six years at TPP I can honestly say that I’m still given challenging work. Recently I led a team in charge of testing our Disaster Recovery solution that involved co-ordinating with lots of different teams across the company. The project was really successful and I’m very proud of the part I played.

For developers, TPP is a genuinely unique place to work. I am not just asked to write code in a cubicle - for example, in the last two years I’ve become responsible for our developer recruitment strategy, led Health Bureau meetings in China and performed several sessions at our national user group conference. I still love writing code but, for me, it’s the combination of technical work alongside everything else which keeps me working at TPP.

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    Current Employee - Clinical Systems Analyst in Horsforth, England
    Current Employee - Clinical Systems Analyst in Horsforth, England
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    -Excellent colleagues
    -Good feedback system. If you make a mistake, you are told how to avoid the same thing in future. You get positive encouragement from colleagues as well, although sometimes that needs prompting.
    -The benefits are amazing
    -Encouraged to leave work at work, which makes free time much more relaxing
    -You can tell that colleagues and directors care about your well-being


    - It definitely can be stressful
    - The high turnover is a bit demoralising

    Advice to Management

    -Keep up the regular reviews and listening to feedback from employees

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    I applied online. I interviewed at The Phoenix Partnership.


    Very similar to previous reviews, I had an initial phone interview followed by a face-to-face interview. This was conducted by two members of staff who were professional but made me feel fairly at ease. Most questions were to be expected/based on CV and experience, followed by logic questions.

    On reflection, I think they are looking for confident, direct, sure of themselves candidates. I would advise being concise and to the point in your answers, and confident in what you say, even when challenged.

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  • 100 Best Companies to Work For, The Sunday Times (UK), 2015
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