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Be prepared for all sorts - Service Manager phs Group Employee Review

    1. 3.0
      18 Mar 2023
      Service Manager
      Former Employee, more than 1 year
      Wakefield, England
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Great network of mangers in similar role. You need these to learn the role. Good opportunities if management think you’re a good candidate (you’ll struggle if they don’t). Really decent HR Dept.


      String elements of bullying up the chain if you’re seen to be ‘failing’ although this is often outside your control. Poor initial training programme for new office based staff. Left to blindly find your way around. (There are some gems who can help but not for every task). Your line manager will have their hands tied and this at times means you have to take part in things you don’t agree with. Very cliquey and you have to be part of this to get anywhere. You can find yourself working way too far into your own time with no recognition of this. In 22 years of people management, I came away thinking I was bad at my job which was all down to 1 person high up the chain.

      Hello, Thank you for taking time to leave us a review, we appreciate your feedback. Your review will be shared with the senior management team so they can take your feedback on board. If you would like to share anymore detailed feedback then please contact me on Kindest regards, Elis Pearson- Resourcing Manager

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      1. 5.0
        16 Jun 2018
        Anonymous Employee
        Former Employee
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        If you want to see hard work, loyalty and perseverance, look no further than the employees of PHS Group. I am from Caerphilly, South Wales, where the head office is based, and did work experience there when I was 16, again when I was 18 and then a further two more times as an administration and marketing intern at ages 19 and 20. They were flexible, supportive and encouraged me to explore a diverse range of activities within the company. I was first introduced to PHS through my mum, who is their longest serving employee having worked there an incredible 43 years. She is emblematic of the loyal and hardworking culture at PHS, as well as the dedication to the progeny of the company. I’ve grown up knowing many of the head office employees, who are all lovely individuals and care genuinely about the company’s prosperity. I have been lucky to have such role models in my working life. After working at PHS that first summer, the experience and expertise I gained there made me a better administrator, organiser and increased my confidence when liaising with staff and clients alike. In addition, I have always been paid fairly for my work and that income assisted me in financing my expenses during university. In 2014 I left Wales to pursue my undergraduate degree at an Ivy League University in America, where I secured two campus jobs using my experience at PHS to bolster my application. Even now as I look for post-graduate employment, I am frequently asked in interviews about PHS and the skills I gained in data analysis, marketing and general administration.


        None, I had a very positive experience.

        Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We're glad to hear that you had such a great experience in phs which sounds like has helped in your working life. It's so good to hear this. Hopefully your review will go someway in helping others with their decision making to join us. We will make sure we pass on your feedback to management. We wish you all the best in your future and hope you'll keep sharing your positive phs experience. Thanks again.

        1. 2.0
          24 Mar 2019
          Field Service Technician
          Current Employee, more than 8 years
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          None as they just push and push for more productivity and less respect for the employee


          360 routing system is rubbish, new CEO is pushing service drivers too hard to cover too much productivity we are all exhausted and heading towards burnout.


          Hi, thank you for leaving us a review. We are disappointed to read your comments and that you felt you couldn't think of any pros of working at phs. We have forwarded your comments through to the senior management team. Thanks again for your comments

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