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GSM London Reviews

Updated 14 November 2017
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42 Employee Reviews

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  • The payout that you may receive from GSM London when they fire unjustifiably (in 8 reviews)

  • If the senior management are changed then there are opportunities for the business to achieve great things (in 5 reviews)

  • The place is a circus when looking at how senior management runs the place (in 8 reviews)

  • Being an employee at GSM London may sometimes feel criminal for this reason alone (in 7 reviews)

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  1. Helpful (5)

    "Fake company - Not worth giving your 100% to them."

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    Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
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    I worked at GSM London full-time


    Pros can be counted on finger tips unlike Cons. Located in both ends of London with an extra study annex in central. Front end teams are loaded with great people.


    Where should i start from...Well, it is an investment group and they actually act like one. Favoritism lead to extra unnecessary hiring which resulted in an incompetent higher & middle management. A lot of current/ex employees can give hundreds of examples to prove it. For e.g. There is a facilities/project manager whose job is to ensure the people in the buildings are working/studying safely. To begin with...toilets are worst then a low class public place toilet, people had to work with heating in whole winters and the list goes on.

    HR & Finance teams are typical examples of people working with the most laid back attitude and managed by incompetent managers. For e.g. whole finance team take lunches together in one go leaving absolutely no one behind to deal with student inquiries. HR's primary role suppose to ensure all individuals matter dealt with confidentiality but there are tens of sensitive documents that got leaked resulted in panics.

    Student Services team is a joke, a simple joke. This is the worst department in the organisation filled with non-serious people with irresponsible casual attitude towards students. There are thousands of complaints against them but nothing is done to improve even a single percent over the years. For e.g. Timetabling is an issue they are trying to sort out for past 4 years but yet students get their timetables 2/3 weeks after their classes commence. A lot of people have evidenced many physical fights between staff and students during especially during exams.

    Recruitment is the team they train well on how to manipulate student thoughts and decisions just to meet their targets because there are financial incentives against targets. They do not advise on courses but sell.

    The proof of all above is simple if anyone interested. Simply look at their staff retention rate. I know people there who left jobs without even securing the next.

    Advice to Management


    Be honest and stop pretending that you put students first....No you don't !
    There are people who are currently working and have worked for gsm, who can prove the above statement with EVIDENCE !!!
    Stop threatening your staff on under performance but support them with more training to improve. Stop honey-potting each other so that directors can work and produce results.
    Last but not the least...when hire new employees at any level, double check their references from previous jobs. If someone is sacked from previous job their must be a reason !!!

  2. Helpful (18)

    "This place only exists just to skim Taxpayers money from Students Loan Company"

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    Former Employee - Senior Management
    Former Employee - Senior Management
    Doesn't Recommend

    I worked at GSM London full-time (More than 5 years)


    Excellent place if you like to spend your time in meeting rooms
    Good place for non education industry top executives to earn top money
    Good place if you like riots and fights.
    GSM London regardless how it looks on the papers, it is run by only 1 person so Just be in the good books with this person and do whatever he/she say, you will be on the money.


    This place's sole existance is to make MONEY. The meetings are all about the money and how much can be made from students loan company. Students are not seen as people, they are just pound signs in their books.
    Only students from certain financial background are supported and taken care off. If you have money and can show the colour of it, they will bend over infront of you. They will even assign personal help ( secret - off the books) to get by with your assignments and exams.
    There are no entry requirements, if you can get Student Loan, thats all it is. They will even manufacture some good reports just to get you in and by pass the University of Plymouth.
    Every exam periods are always a chaos. Again if you are rich foreign origin, you do not need to worry. It is all sorted for those.
    HR department is a joke. It is non existance; no matter what it says on their company structure. HR department cannot move a finger without a say from that one person.
    GSM London only cares how and whom they can sell the business to. and quick. Because they know their graduating students are very few and failing/repeating student numbers are so high.
    Teaching is very poor. Teaching hours are only for their books and reports. Everything is to save money and being cut from teaching hours and instead students are given self taught hours.
    Attendance is a lie and manufactured for reporting purposes only, Student loan company is not being notified with drop-outs or withdrawals. Just to keep the loan money.
    New students coming from other universities are being forced to withdrawn from their previous university ( instead of a transfer or carry-on loan ) so that GSM London can get the full loan and students are being drawn into deeper debts.
    Students are never withdrawn, even they fail 3 times, they are hidden from the University of Plymouth and being allowed to carry-on as long as they provide student loan papers.
    There is no internal business communication. Staff members are presumed they know all.
    There is constant upper management bullying to ordinary staff members.
    Place is full of expensive contractors. These contractors have no idea that place is an education establishment and have no feel on the student life and their needs.
    Nobody leaves GSM London as being developed at their work and position. They are being let go by upper management with high exit pay out. No staff development.
    Place is full of managers, Staff members have no idea where to go if they come accross with problems. There are more layers in GSM London than an onion.
    Greenford Campus is in the middle of an industrial estate.Away from everthing. Good if you want to become a mechanic after graduating.

    Advice to Management

    Stop burrying yourselves into the reports and paperwork. Get out from your offices and be one with your staff. Get to know what they face everyday. Trust your staff not those reports and paperwoks which are full of lies.

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