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Part of SYNNEX / Fremont, CA, United States

“Great Opportunities for progression” See all Reviews

Progression, If you want to move up the ladder, this the best place to do it. See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar / New York, NY, United States

“Good company” See all Reviews

Good work place with great people See all Reviews

3.4StarStarStarStarStar / Philadelphia, PA, United States

“Very stressful” See all Reviews

No tricks on promised work conditions See all Reviews

3.8StarStarStarStarStar / Belfast, Northern Ireland

“working at Allstate” See all Reviews

Lots of perks, good work life balance See all Reviews

3.6StarStarStarStarStar / Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Great place to work” See all Reviews

very relaxed and friendly workplace See all Reviews

3.7StarStarStarStarStar / Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Worksmart - Don't fear the growing pains” See all Reviews

It's often said that it's the people you work with but it really is the people you work with at Kainos. Whether that be management down to a... See all Reviews

2.9StarStarStarStarStar / Cincinnati, OH, United States

“Decent enough” See all Reviews

Relaxed, good fun in terms of banter, great incentives See all Reviews

3.5StarStarStarStarStar / Welwyn Garden City, England

“Great” See all Reviews

Good pay Relaxed environment Everyone is supportive of each other See all Reviews

Part of Liberty Mutual Insurance / Belfast, Northern Ireland

“For me, truly a great place to work!” See all Reviews

I've started to write this review a few times but it's hard to put down in words what makes a company a good or a bad place to work and it can be... See all Reviews

3.8StarStarStarStarStar / New York, NY, United States

“Good place to work - pay not so good.” See all Reviews

Really great place to work. Benefits are very good as well including pension contributions, dental care etc if you want. Vast amount of departments... See all Reviews