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  • How do you build the industry’s best platform for designing, deploying, and managing #AIchatbots? Trust [24]7.ai Principal UX Designer, Sean Lazo: Before you assemble a cross-functional team with #UX firmly at the center, read this blog. http://ow.ly/MhRM50GQwjA

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    [#CXO Special Feature] In its eight-article "Digital Transformation: A CXO's Guide," ZDNet offers invaluable advice for getting your #DigitalTransformation right. If reimagining your business for the digital age is a top priority, read on. http://ow.ly/El7150GJFuU

  • 3 reasons to register (http://ow.ly/jzZv50GSVQp ) for our "Driving CX Impact at Scale with AI" webcast (12.09)—with the latest [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud™ release, you’ll: 1. Speed time to market for your key #CX programs 2. Elevate the omnichannel customer experience 3. Honor client data confidentiality and SLA commitments Ever wonder if [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud would stop leading the #ConversationalAI market if we didn’t always improve it? Better to focus on things that might actually happen.

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    How does 247.ai know that adding #BusinessMessaging to your #CustomerEngagement operation will grow sales, improve agent productivity, and boost your customers’ satisfaction—better than chat? The proof is in this blog. http://ow.ly/tBQB50GEzus

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    We didn’t like ending our 247.ai webinar, “Supercharge #CustomerService and #AgentProductivity with AI,” before our panel of experts could answer all the questions submitted in the chat window. Read about our winning solution here. http://ow.ly/9Bb550GyZTy

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    When this global convenience foods manufacturer couldn’t break through the back-to-school advertising noise, it turned to 247.ai #PersonalizedAdvertising to revive lagging sales for several once-leading products. Read the case study. http://ow.ly/Lwz750GIKfO

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    It’s a classic win-win-win: The right #CX #AI creates happier and more loyal #CustomerAgents, which leads to happier and more loyal customers, which accrues directly to your bottom line. Download the report and you'll see how working with 247.ai will make it happen for your organization. #ConversationalAI http://ow.ly/ZbNq50Gwqgu

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    Hey world. Just a quick note that 247.ai has the most innovative product minds in the #CustomerEngagement industry proven, once more, in our most recent Hackathon. Today we celebrate the contributors and congratulate the winning teams! http://ow.ly/ikSj50Gu2zl

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    CMSWire + 247.ai Your #CX #DigitalTransformation strategy impacts your live #CustomerServiceAgents most of all. Watch as these industry experts discuss how using #AI boosts both #AgentProductivity and #CSAT. http://ow.ly/veZi50GkBzR

  • [Blog] Adding #BusinessTextMessaging to your #CustomerEngagement operation? Let experts from Columbia Sportswear, Google, and Opus Research —recent 247.ai webinar panelists— offer their tips for getting started with #AsynchronousMessaging. http://ow.ly/WgMF50GpsMr

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