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  • The festive period began in style, with staff in our London, Malta and Guernsey offices blowing off some steam at the End of Year parties. Malta (pictured) enjoyed a casino night in the beautiful TemptAsian, a rooftop venue which offers stunning views of Valetta. Staff ate, drank and played casino style games (responsibly) whilst being treated to a live performance by Airport Impressions, one of the most well-known bands on the island. Guernsey, meanwhile, had a much more dressed-down affair in the form of a pirate-themed car treasure hunt. Teams were tasked with driving around the island and taking photos in certain locations, followed by a meal at Nineteen, which offers mini golf and a driving range as part of the entertainment! Last but not least, London were treated to a masquerade-themed night at Soho-based cabaret club Café de Paris, a gorgeous venue steeped in history. A stage that has played host to names such as Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, welcomed the Betway band who delivered a performance worthy of their surroundings. See more pictures on our 'Photos' tab.

  • We asked Louis Chery-Roberts, our Head of QA, to tell us how he got here... "I didn’t set out to work in QA. I studied Business Information Studies - which included components of economics, coding/computing, marketing and maths – and when I graduated, I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do." "After doing some work in retail and account management, some friends of mine were working in QA and gave me a 1000-page manual about their roles that I found fascinating. I used to read it every day on my commute which piqued my interest, and I decided to that was the direction in which I wanted to go." "So, after months of late-night classes on the weekend and a contract role at Santander, Betway called, and I I jumped at the chance. From there, I just put my head down and constantly tried to learn and improve." "It was challenging, but I’ve gone from being an IT Applications Tester in a team of five to being Head of QA in a team of 32. My advice would be to always take initiative and remember that you don’t have to be in a management position to be a leader."

  • Betway Quiz Night Thursday 15th November saw in-house ‘quiz master’ Paul Edwards dust off his microphone and take centre stage for the latest Betway Quiz Night. With over eighty people and close to a dozen teams of various size (and apparent strength) taking part, it was a closely fought contest which ended with 1st and 2nd separated by just two points (103-101). Our winners on the night were ‘I Thought This Was Speed Dating’ who were, it just so happens, largely made up of members from the same department as Paul… It was a great evening, with vital money raised for Motivation, our charity partner. The quiz has been the latest is a line of events, including Diwali celebrations, poker tournaments, Oktoberfest-themed drinks and a FIFA tournament. If this sounds appealing to you and you want to be part of our Team, have a look at our vacancies.

  • Betway hosts Diwali – a feast during the festival of lights… For the first day of Diwali, staff were treated to an absolute banquet, selflessly pulled together by 22 of our very own employees. There was everything from Samosas to Panipuris, Bhelpuri to Jalebi, and a wide range of different but equally delicious curries! Suggested and organised exclusively by our volunteers, the aim of the event was to spread as much Diwali joy as possible and enjoy some top-notch food, all while raising money for our official charity partner, Motivation. This was achieved in style, with clean plates, full bellies and over £450 raised! A huge thank you to those employees who took time out of their busy schedules to put this event on – wish we could do it every week. Happy Diwali!

  • Halloween Spooktacular Following a highly successful director-pieing, attention then turned to our Halloween-themed funfair, in which 10 departments took part in making it an event which was not to be missed. Each department stepped up to organise and man a Halloween-themed funfair stall in order to help raise money for our charity partner, Motivation. The creative juices were truly flowing, and some of the great ideas for activities included: - Pumpkin Pong - Fortune Telling - Mystery Box - Trick-or-treat shots - Donuts on a string - Apple Bobbing - Wheelchair basketball. Overall, the funfair raised just over £200 which was a fantastic effort and took our total fundraising for the day to over £1200! A huge thank you to all our Am-boo-sadors who took the time to create our spooky funfair.

  • Pie the Director! As part of our Halloween Spectacular today, some of the Directors at our Win Technologies office in London sportingly agreed to be splatted for charity. A silent auction was set up last week, with employees able to bid for the pleasure of introducing a creamy custard pie to the face of their boss! After a very tight bidding war, the Directors took their seats at midday today, aware of their fate but not knowing who would administer it (or the contents of some of the pies i.e. baked beans). Ultimately, over £1000 was raised for our charity partner, Motivation, with those Directors who were unable to attend kindly agreeing to match the total amount raised from the auction. When all was said and done, it was mentioned that this might become a tradition across the Betway Group – many a true word is spoken in jest! If you want to be part of a company that works hard and plays harder, then have a look at some of our current vacancies here.

  • September’s Elastic Community Meetup On Tuesday 25th September, Betway supported the Elastic Community by hosting their September meetup in our London office. The community was formed for anyone interested in open source search, logging, analytics & data visualisation to get together and share their knowledge & expertise. 35 data exploration enthusiasts ranging from Developers to CTOs attended the event on Tuesday and got to hear from three guest speakers – including our very own Ash Powell (Operational Analytics Engineer). Ash talked about how Watcher (the altering component within Elasticsearch) works and how to set up Watches. Here’s what some of the delegates had to say about the event: “It’s always a good opportunity to talk to other teams that use Elasticsearch, see how they’ve use it and customise it to fit their needs. It’s good to see other use cases” “I didn’t realise how easy it was to create Watches, they always seem daunting and complex”

  • Rob Clarkson – Landing my dream job Having devoted hours of play to CS:GO, Rob made it semi-pro for two and half years and was sponsored to travel to a number of European destinations to compete in tournaments, including the NFP in Denmark. Realising he couldn’t dedicate the time needed to make it pro, he decided to focus on his studies and work towards becoming a teacher. However, he missed the excitement of esports so made the decision to change careers. Rob landed his dream job at Betway looking after their esports content and social media platforms, and now gets to travel all over the world following esports, capturing the live action of major tournaments. Most recently, he was instrumental in co-ordinating our coverage from the FACEIT Major in London, grabbing interviews with some of the CS:GO pros, and behind the scenes action to supply Betway’s social media channels, including our 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and Twitter. Rob now wants to grow the team into other esports titles – eventually leading the team - and make it Betway's leading area of business.

  • The Great Betway Bake Off! Last week, Betway hosted our very own version of the nationally treasured show in our London office. All employees were invited to whip up entries for either/or the 'sweet' and 'savoury' categories, vying for a chance to be crowned one of Betway's 'Star Bakers'. Tasked with judging the dozen or so delicious entries on Thursday morning was our distinguished panel; three internal foodies, as well as a guest judge representing our charity partner, Motivation. The 'Sweet Star Baker' accolade was bestowed upon Nina Geoge, for her double-tiered cookies & cream drip cake, highly moreish and with complex yet distinctive flavours. Alice Marshall was crowned our 'Savoury Star Baker' with her fantastic version of a simple dish - her pretzel sausage rolls were full of flavour, packed a punch and sold out quickest! Both winners received a Fortnum and Mason hamper to further develop their culinary skills. Thanks to everyone who baked, and those who bought the cakes after - all proceeds went to Motivation, for whom our staff have raised over £10,000

  • Betway's Kids@Work Day! Thursday 9th August was the date of this year's 'Kids@Work' Day, the one day of the year when children rule the office! This iteration of the event saw over 50 kids let loose in our Camden office, with a number of employees bringing their spouses in to keep watch! The morning activities to keep everyone entertained included a balloon twister, a face painter, a ball pit and more, before our employees took their littluns to meet their team and to show them where they worked. For the very young children, the day drew to a close after lunch, while the slightly older ones nestled into 'the Steps' among beanbags and cushions to watch a film in the afternoon. Well-behaved and polite, the kids did their parents proud and it was a delight to have them in the office - we look forward to seeing many of them next year!

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