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  • We’ve been on an incredible journey over the past ten years and now’s the perfect time to come join us. We’re delighted to announce $484 million in Series E funding. Read more here about the new unicorn on the block ��

  • "Rather than just delivering copy, I also have the chance to make real-time iterations, gather learnings, and use data to make my writing more appealing to our customers." Check out Emma's growth story and learn how being data-driven has improved her creativity on our blog:

    How a copywriter uses words and creativity to bring our brand to life - Inside GetYourGuide

    A year after her first day at GetYourGuide, Brand Marketing Copywriter, Emma Brooke looks back on her career and the incredible opportunities at Creative Studio. I'm Emma, a brand copywriter working in the Creative Studio team. The Studio officially launched in July 2018. It's an internal creative brand agency at GetYourGuide that sits in the Marketing department.

  • At GetYourGuide, we encourage employees to step out of their comfort zones and seek new challenges. Read about how Malachi made the leap from backend engineer to DevOps on our blog:

    What's it like moving from backend engineering to DevOps - Inside GetYourGuide

    Malachi Soord recently made the move from inventory backend engineer to development enablement engineer. He shares his exploratory journey with us and offers some tips on how other developers can move from backend to . Backend has more to do with our application and DevOps is how everything glues together.

  • Relocating with a family can be a massive headache, to say the least. Hear from some of our working parents about their experience and why Berlin is a great fit for them:

    Relocation guide: relocating with your family - Inside GetYourGuide

    Working parents have a lot to juggle especially when relocating to a new country. At GetYourGuide we support our working parents in their relocation, onboarding, and making the most out of their job aspirations. Whether you're at the height of your career or just starting to climb the corporate ladder, making time for your family is a balancing act.

  • Our recruitment coordinators are the first point of contact when applying and make sure you have the best experience possible. Get to know the scheduling geniuses that will guide you through your application journey:

    Meet the team: Recruitment Coordinators - Inside GetYourGuide

    If you've applied for a job at GetYourGuide, or are considering applying for one of our open positions, your first point of contact is a Recruitment Coordinator. Recruitment Coordinators act as guides for all candidates applying to GetYourGuide. They schedule interviews, maintain the candidate database, answer candidate questions, partner with Recruiters and hiring managers, provide interview feedback, and improve hiring processes.

  • Whether it's your goal to be a Principal Engineer or a Director of Engineering, we offer a clear path for taking it to the next level.

    Learn more about our career growth plan for engineers here:

    Our career path for Engineers - Inside GetYourGuide

    Fostering career development isn't just something we aspire towards at GetYourGuide, but something we guarantee and outline for all of our employees. Within our Engineering Department, we've created a career path matrix for how an Engineer can expect to grow. Here, the term "Engineer" refers to all members of our Engineering teams including Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

  • We’re very excited to take part in HackandLead 2019 by womenplusplus in Zurich, Switzerland’s first women-friendly hackathon.

    Tobias Rein, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, will mentor fellow hackers and present a talk about what it takes to become a tech unicorn on Sunday, November 3rd.
    Be sure to also connect with Marco Mahrer, Senior Tech Recruiter, on both days to learn about how we develop developers.

    Learn more here:

  • Work-life balance is an important part of our culture. Check out Betty's story about becoming a Team Lead and a mother in the same year:

    A localization lead answers the age-old question, "Career or baby first?" - Inside GetYourGuide

    In this post, Betty Lapeyre, Localization Lead for Freelance Operations, shares her incredible journey from project management to leadership and pregnancy. The Localization team does more than just translations, we make GetYourGuide feel like it's written in your neighborhood. Our mission is to enable travelers to explore, book, and feel our products in their own language.

  • Our leadership program combines elements of behavioral science and mentorship in order to develop more empathetic and self-aware managers. Learn more about the program here:

    The Art of Leading Teams program: developing our leaders - Inside GetYourGuide

    Learn more about our leadership training program, "The Art of Leading Teams, in this interview with its creator, Kevin Groen. Every leader at GetYourGuide completes this leadership training program, focusing on behavioral change such as increased empathy, setting clear boundaries, and inviting

  • If you're prepping for a Data Science interview, be sure to read these tips to stand out from the crowd:

    Prepping for a Data Science interview? Ask yourself these questions to stand out!

    In today's post, we hear from Alex Weiss, Engineering Manager - Machine Learning, on how to prepare for a data science interview. It seems everyone and their grandmother wants to work in data science these days, and there are plenty of good reasons why that's the case.

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