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  • “Rather than having user insights scattered across silos, the cross-functional group works as a holistic, central customer research hub within the company — to give our customers a louder voice.” Learn how Paula Herrera, senior user researcher, launched the Customer Insights League to unify insights across disciplines in the company.

  • How are Berlin e-commerce industry leaders adapting to the changes in consumer behavior? ⁠ Dennis Köhler, global head of payments, fraud, and treasury, joined fellow guests from @idealo internet GmbH and @HelloFresh on "Up front with @Adyen".⁠ ⁠ Watch the digital live show on our blog.⁠

  • "Explain what you do, ideally using simple parallels from everyday life. Your goal is not to demonstrate your knowledge and make the other party feel dumb, but to make sure that your partner understands the concepts."⁠ Get 10 tips on communicating effectively in a business intelligence setting from Eugene Klyuchnikov, senior data engineer.

  • Michael Bell, senior full-stack engineer, shares how his team ensured type safety while building their latest analytics library.

  • "While errors in the Recommendations pipeline might not lead to over-paying, they could still incur the serious opportunity cost of missed revenue or degraded customer experience" Max Jenders, senior data scientist, on why he took the initiative to improve our data pipeline monitoring.

  • Whether you're brainstorming about objectives, road maps, or other creative solutions, get inspiration from this framework explained by Craig Johnson, our senior product designer. "If you’re working remotely like we are now, use Freehand or Figma, it can be the exact same process. The collaborative software enables everyone on the team to see a shared “whiteboard” and we take turns presenting our ideas. As we are doing this over Zoom, the moderator can go in and help anyone cluster ideas on the fly."

  • Jennifer Azzarello, senior destination manager for California, shares how years of working in a global team has prepared her for unexpected, total remote work.

  • "Instead of asking [customers], 'Would you go to the Louvre?' We're now asking, 'Imagine when the pandemic ends, and you go back to your normal routine, how will you travel, and how would you look for an activity?'" Ever wondered how we make changes to our product? Armando Affonso, senior product designer, walks us through the journey.

  • "As for new suppliers, I am extra respectful of any uncertainty they may have and not push any ideas too soon. I make it clear that we are their long-term business partner; it's never been about making a short term win." Matteo Provasnik, destination manager (DM) for the Mid-Atlantic US, talks about being there for travel suppliers in the new normal.

  • Find out which 6 steps for building a CRM strategy Christina Doubara, our CRM Manager, shared with us. "We're mindful of the extraordinary situation and the fact that customers will have more time to consume our newsletters. So instead of just sending them more mail, we shift our focus to create more relevant content that adds something positive to their day."?

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