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    Helping our employees with housing

    With some areas of London seeing a house price increase of 753% in just 20 years, it's not surprising that purchasing a home is one of the biggest barriers for jobseekers, looking to relocate to the capital. Which is just one of the reasons, in 2012, we took a big leap and introduced our Mortgage Fund for all employees.


    Why do we finish early on a Friday

    First brought in, in 2012, simply as a summer perk, here at Goodman Masson we've continued our tradition of early finish Fridays, not just throughout the summer but all year long. Seeing the clear positives, a 3:30pm finish has become a staple of our working week.


    Suits you - or does it? Goodman Masson brings in relaxed dress code | Recruiter

    Goodman Masson's new dress code reflects the nature of the changing workplace, according to the financial recruiter's CEO Guy Hayward.

  • 'Charity starts at work'; why we're going big with charity events

    Goodman Masson - Charity starts at work; Going big with charity events

    We might be a financial recruitment agency based in London, but our blog isn't all about banking and accounts.

  • All the fun things we've done this year at GM...

    Goodman Masson - All the fun stuff we've done this year

    We might be a financial recruitment agency based in London, but our blog isn't all about banking and accounts.

  • 5 tips to help you survive that long distance relationship...

    Surviving long distance with work

    The fevered phone calls to them in the one hour that you're both awake, the panic that they're wining and dining somebody else, not knowing if it's going to work out. Long distance relationships are tricky, and when that relationship involves more excel spreadsheets than Netflix nights they can get even more complicated.

  • What have you got planned this weekend?

    We have your weekend planned...

    Here at Goodman Masson, we know just how hard you work! So we wanted to share with you some great events that are happening in London this weekend...

  • 5 pieces of motherly advice that could help you climb the career ladder....

    Goodman Masson - The Momager: The great advice our mums have given us over the years

    Our mums are responsible for our lives in the most literal way possible, but for some, this statement extends to the metaphorical. There are those among us who owe their personal and sometimes more importantly their work lives to their mums...

  • 77% of working mums have reported feeling negative treatment upon their return to work - but what does the law state about maternity rights?

    'The Replacement': Why not to fear being bumped off because of your bump

    A whopping 77% of working mums have reported feeling negative and discriminatory treatment upon their return to work...

  • 79% of millennials consider a company’s environmental and social standing when deciding where to work - but how green is your office?

    Keeping Mother Nature happy: 5 cheap tips to get a greener office

    Go as green as the Grinch and follow these five earthy tips that will help you reduce your bad hippy karma, with barely any expenditure on your part...

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