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  • Ever got the feeling that you could do more for society, more than your day to day job allows? Learn how L'Oréal offers meaningful sabbatical experiences so our people can spend time doing the things they love outside of work, and in turn enrich their life at work:

    Meet Ellis, A Sabbatical Leave with a Good Cause

    Ever got the feeling that you could do more for society, more than your day to day job allows? If you have, you've probably also thought about postponing any ambitions you had because there's simply not enough time in your busy working life to squeeze in much else.

  • Discover La Roche-Posay's My Skin Track UV sensor, which clips onto clothing and measures exposure to UV radiation! Well done to our Tech Incubator and La Roche Posay teams for the most exciting beauty-tech innovation yet- you make the future of wearable skincare technology a reality!

    L'Oréal's New Clip-on Sensor Tracks Your Exposure to UV Rays

    The future of wearable skincare technology is roughly the size of an M&M. Launching today, L'Oréal's La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor clips onto clothing and measures the wearer's exposure to UV radiation, a form of radiation that is known to damage skin and, in large amounts, cause skin cancer.

  • How are we using artificial intelligence to improve the candidate experience? Find out here!

    Using artificial intelligence in order to help candidates experience

    L'Oréal, world leader in beauty: makeup, cosmetics, haircare, perfume

  • How do you go from intern to fulltimer as a digital expert at L'Oréal? Let Cyriaque tell you:

    From intern to full timer: Cyriaque rocks data driven digital in beauty

    We can no longer say digital is the future, it's the present! And at L'Oréal we know that digital involves more than a dispositive, it involves the whole company and every single person that is part of us. And who better than a digital native to rock the digital world?

  • We're very proud to be ranked the top gender-balanced company in Europe by Equileap among 3000 companies, making us one of the leading companies globally making progress towards gender equality in the workplace! "Gender parity is a performance issue and a key driver for innovation”, says Jean Claude Le Grand, L'Oréal’s Executive Vice President, Human Relations. Wouldn't you agree?


  • For all of you parents out there, with new borns or kids who've just gone #backtoschool, how do you manage a hectic job whilst still giving your family the precious time they deserve? Let Jacob, Vice President, Human Resources, CMO & Digital at L’Oréal USA share how our culture supports families:

    Why Workplace Flexibility Is Smart Talent Strategy - Beauty Tomorrow

    How many lives do you lead? As any working parent will know, one life seems like a luxury when you are trying to juggle three. Home, work and school?-?the three-way existence of today's working moms and dads. Confronted with a working parent who seems in total control, we can't help but think: " I don't know how he does it ".

  • Got an interview with L'Oréal soon? Get prepped with some of the questions our recruiters might ask you!

    Interview Q's L'Oréal Recruiters Will Ask You

    Test & Learn is a huge part of life at L'Oréal and how you carry out your job on a day-day basis. Bearing this in mind don't be surprised when problem solving and your approach is a topic of conversation during your L'Oréal interview.

  • How do you get hired at L’Oréal Sales and Commerce? Let Ariane, Recruiter for L'Oréal Canada tell you:

    Insider Tips On How to Get Hired at L'Oréal Sales and Commerce

    We're on an all time high at L'Oréal right now, with our sales totalling a whopping We caught up with Ariane, Talent Acquisition Specialist for L'Oréal Canada, who's one of our awesome colleagues responsible for bringing the brightest talents for L'Oréal Canada's sales and commercial functions.

  • Hands up if you’ve ever felt you invest all your energy into climbing the professional ladder, with too little time to ever work on your personal aspirations? Meet Nour, Finance Controller in L’Oréal Australia who finds harmony between pursuing a fast paced career at L’Oréal Finance, and being a yoga instructor:

    Meet Nour, on balancing a side hustle with a full time Finance job

    Hands up if you've ever felt you invest all your energy into climbing the professional ladder, with no time to work on your personal aspirations? If so, you're not alone. But when you take a step back, you might find that you can achieve your goals in both life and work, as long as you've got balance and your priorities right.

  • Meet Marcio, Chief Digital Officer, at the L'Oréal Active Cosmetic Division in Brazil surfing the waves of digital beauty innovation and the magnificent shores around the world. He shares what it's like to be a digital leader, an entrepreneur, and surfing aficianado all at once!

    Surfing the Wave of Digital Beauty Innovation

    Augmented-reality lipstick shopping. Online skin diagnostics. Smart hairbrushes. The beauty business has become one of the most tech-dominated industries, and our teams at L'Oréal are always looking to sharpen the digital edge, recently announcing a partnership with Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world.

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