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  • Why should your organization use a staffing company? Discover the benefits of using an agency to assist with your hiring needs.

  • 4 reasons why January and February are some of the best times to search for a job. 1. Back to work: Around the second week of January, many employees return to work after the holidays. Therefore, with employees together, decisions could be expedited with most people present. 2. New budgets: Many organizations usually get their new hiring budgets for the year during this time, compelling hiring managers to begin their search for top talent promptly. 3. Goals: Companies want to reach their goals early in the year. Therefore, acquiring the right number of people needed for there initiatives is imperative. 4. Retirees: Some people may want to end the year with a bang by retiring in December, beginning life's new chapter in the new year. Therefore, additional openings may be available at many places. #JobTips #CareerAdvice #JobSearch (Ref:,,

  • Congratulations to Wilmington’s Caregiver of the Quarter, Morgan! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to providing quality care for our families. What you do day in and day out is nothing short of heroic.

  • Today, we remember the man who took action, fought for freedom, and set an example of accepting all people no matter where they came from and what they believe in. #MLKDay

  • A big shout out to Knoxville recruiter Morgan on winning the Maxim Tennessee Recruitment Playoffs! An NCAA March Madness themed competition, employees were placed into a bracket and would advance from the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and finally, the championship based on the number of caregivers they helped find employment. Morgan dominated the competition and was awarded a four-foot trophy. Congratulations, Morgan!

  • The team from the Minnesota office had the pleasure of walking in our newest medical assistant this week to her assignment. We are thrilled to have her on the team. 2020 will be outstanding for Maxim and we cannot wait for more walk-ins during the year. #Nurses #NurseLife

  • Please join me in congratulating our Milwaukee December Caregiver of the Month, Dixeijo. Dixeijo joined the team a few months ago and has been a rock star ever since. From her outstanding patient care to her positive attitude, this award is well-deserved. #Nurses #EmployeeAwards

  • How to reflect on not getting the job after an interview. • Ask for feedback: It does not hurt to ask the hiring managers why you were not hired. It may have been uncontrollable, for example, budgets were cut during the hiring process. If they offer constructive feedback, work on these weaknesses prior to your next interview. • Upload your resume on job boards: Stay persistent and keep applying for jobs. However, consider uploading your resume on job boards so companies could occasionally find you, as opposed to the other way around. • Understand you are not alone: There will be times where dozens of people apply for the same job, hindering your odds of being hired. It is even likely internal employees are applying, which could give you a disadvantage since they already gained experience within the company. Therefore, try not to take rejection personally. • Be resilient: Setbacks can be the ultimate learning experience and motivation. Reflect, prepare and continue your job search with enthusiasm. #CareerTips (Ref:,,

  • 4 ways you can forget about work when you are home 1. Wear something different: Whether you wear scrubs, a lab coat or a suit to work, when you get home, alter your wardrobe into something comfortable. Wearing your work clothes may feel like you never left for the day. 2. Stay active: Keep yourself busy by fixing household items or playing outside with your child so you can live in the present. 3. Learn something new: Develop a skill while having fun doing it such as learning a new language or playing a new instrument, keeping your mind off your job. 4. Give yourself 10 minutes to reflect: Before you leave work or during your commute home, give yourself 10 minutes to reflect on the day. Therefore, once home, you can focus your attention on non-work related tasks. (Ref:,

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the projected fastest-growing healthcare jobs in the US by 2028. 1. Home health aides — 36.6 percent 2. Occupational therapy assistants — 33.1 percent 3. Physician assistants — 31.1 percent 4. Nurse practitioners —28.2 percent 5. Physical therapist assistants — 27.1 percent 6. Phlebotomists — 23 percent 7. Physical therapist aides — 22.8 percent 8. Medical assistants — 22.6 percent 9. Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors — 22.5 percent 10. Physical therapists — 21.9 percent 11. Respiratory therapists — 20.8 percent #TopJobs #JobGrowth #HealthcareProfessionals

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