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  • “For every new restaurant we try to get involved in a project with the local community. Our restaurant in Colchester already donates chicken to a charity called Beacon House. We asked them how we could get involved, and they asked for a fridge and some shelving to help with their storage. Our builders also kindly agreed to redecorate the kitchen and dining area. I love my day job building our restaurants but doing things like this is just the icing on the cake, and I’m grateful to work for a company like Nando’s that supports and encourages me to do it!” – Richard from our Property Team speaking about the community work we did prior to the opening of our new Colchester Tollgate restaurant

  • An emotional evening as our very own Nando’s band, The 1987, played their very last gig last night. Hundreds came along to see their farewell gig, with all ticket proceeds going to Nando’s Fighting Malaria

  • “I have always wanted to go to Africa since I was a child, and recently I was lucky enough to realise my dream as I went to Mozambique with Nando’s. I was so happy! I participated in the most beautiful experience of my life, spraying homes to protect families from Malaria. I was doing something good with a simple gesture” – Nicoletta from our Teddington restaurant who took part in our spraying program for Nando’s Fighting Malaria. Find out more about the fight here

    Buzz Off Malaria

    Malaria is a disease that's easily preventable and completely curable. In the U.K. we've wiped out malaria, but in Southern Africa thousands are still suffering. In 2017, we joined the fight against malaria. Our commitment was simple then and it remains the same now; we will raise money to help fund spraying projects in Mozambique, where our PERi-PERi chilli is from.

  • “Malaria is both preventable and treatable but nearly half a million people still die from it every year so I’m proud that we’re getting involved and love that we are helping our extended family out in Southern Africa. Our customers can also help join in the fight by buying a Nando’s Fighting Malaria bracelet! They’re available in restaurants and each one protects two lives for a year from malaria” – Liz from our Marketing team

  • “My advice to anyone that wants to join our family would be to try and get involved as much as you can because you really will enjoy your time working with us. You can really be yourself!” - Amani from our Tooting restaurant

  • “Being a Nandoca Rep is a great opportunity; it helps create a better relationship with fellow Nandocas and builds a bridge between all teams” – Scott from our East Kilbride restaurant following our Nandoca Forum in Scotland. We hold UK-wide Listening Forum’s where our Nandocas can share their thoughts and feelings about their restaurant and Nando’s in general with their management teams and Central Support

  • Maz, our wonderful Regional Manager in the North West is soon off to Mozambique to meet our PERi Farmers, and conduct impact assessments on some of the farms that Nando’s work with. Keep up with his epic journey from Merseyside to Mozambique here in his blog >>

    Merseyside to Mozambique (Episode One) - The story so far

    So as those who follow me on social media know I am heading to Mozambique this October for a very special project. I will be conducting impact assessments on some of the PERi-farms that Nando's works with in the country. For those who didn't know this, here is a quick recap: I work for Nando's...

  • “I got the award for living the Nando’s values and working hard, and being the first on the dance floor! To get the award was an honour, it meant the world to me. I was really happy” – Thanan from our Wembley Park restaurant who out of approximately 400 team members won Nandoca of the Year for our North West London region last year

  • “When you’ve worked at Nando’s for five years, no matter what your role is, you qualify for a four week paid sabbatical. This is time for you to go off and do whatever you like, with the comfort of knowing you’ll come right back home, to Nando’s, after a month off. How blummin’ great is that?! It’s wonderful that a company like Nando’s rewards hard work and loyalty with some serious R&R time” - Ebony from our Marketing team who is off to South East Asia for her sabbatical, along with Robyn from our Project Management team

  • “I’m currently studying a masters in event management, so it’s great getting experience in the field through Nando’s. It’s great as I can manage my shifts around learning and looking after my little girl!” - Danielle, a Manager at our Thanet restaurant who is an Event Assistant at the Nando’s booth at the 1-54 art fair in Somerset House. Find out more about it here:

    1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2018

    We are delighted to be partnering with 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair for the fourth year, as there is a clear synergy between 1-54 and Nando's ambitions to showcase emerging artists from Africa. Nando's patronage of contemporary Southern African art, through the close partnership with Spier Arts Trust, both enables career development opportunities for artists and the curation of the Nando's collection.

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