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  • “I started as a cashier in 2006. I could speak very little English when I first started. I made my way up throughout the last 12 years to becoming a Patrao at the end of last year. The people, the environment, the support, how everyone gets treated the same from Patrao to cashier and how we all encourage everyone to be the best they can be is what makes Nando’s different to me” – Cam, the Patrao (General Manager) of our Hempstead Valley restaurant

  • “The Cramlington Rockets had a lot of plans involved in the community, working with children to engage them with the fun of sports and educating them around healthy eating. We attended their community days where they created a program with the sponsorship we gave them called Barci’s Buddies. Our relationship over the last two years has grown stronger and stronger and we’ve watched the Rockets community grow bigger and achieve some truly deserved awards within the Rugby community” – Ryan, a Manager at our Cramlington restaurant

  • Rick, our Area Manager for South East London is on the lookout for passionate Managers to join his ever growing team. Hear what Rick is looking for, and if you're the right fit for our family apply here!

    Nandos Work For Us


  • “Sharing our sustainability journey through the launch of our new web page is super exciting and makes me feel so proud! It’s the first time we’ve spoken about things like No Chuckin’ Our Chicken - our food donation programme where we donate chicken to hundreds of charities every month, and how we support lots of local community projects. We also talk about how we work to make our restaurants more efficient to reduce our impact on climate change and source our food more responsibly” - Sam from our Do the Right Thing team speaking about the new sustainability section on our website, which you can find here

    Being Sustainable

    At Nando's, we're determined to move beyond incremental improvements so that we can lead by example when it comes to being a sustainable business. Because it's the right thing to do. For our customers, for the people we work with and for our planet.

  • “The Nandocas from the ten restaurants in the South Midlands collected 900 Easter Eggs, and every single one will be delivered to children in care across Northamptonshire to help bring a smile to the face of a child who needs it. Honestly, it just makes me feel fantastic!” – Ross (right), the Patrao (General Manager) of our Northampton restaurant

  • Loving the reaction to our Nando's Card campaign, amazing work as ever by our Marketing team

  • “My Nando's journey started way back in 2005. I started as an Assistant Manager and I’m now a General Manager, selling chicken, drinking tea and living the dream! Nando's gives me a chance to have a positive impact on people's lives every day, whether that is by putting a smile on a customer's face, selling wristbands to fund the fight against Malaria, helping someone develop within Nando's or just giving someone the opportunity to earn some extra money while getting through university. I have the autonomy and opportunity to do all these things as well as get the support that I need to run a happy and successful restaurant” – Chris, the Patrao (General Manager) of our Bath Vaults restaurant

  • “My journey in Nando’s started 8 years ago. I came to London and popped in to the Berners Street restaurant where I was recruited as a Griller. I was all alone in London, and Nando’s gave me not only a place to work, but a place where I felt like home with people who genuinely care! I’ve met so many amazing people that I am still friends with, who I shared my journey with from the beginning. They never left me and they are my friend for life” – Viktorija, the Patrao (General Manager) of our Holborn restaurant

  • “Nando's is such a different place to work as we actually live and breathe the values that we hold. The family value within Nando's is my biggest motivator, I love my team and every day we have something to chat and sometimes argue about just like a real family would! If you love leading a team there is truly no better job in the world than Patrao in Nando’s” – Nick, the Patrao (General Manager) of our Nantgarw restaurant (during the restaurants refurb!)

  • “A great emphasis is placed on personal connections at Nando’s and your friendship network extends to people working in all restaurants in the region, often even further! Everyone has a number of strengths that they bring to the table and everyone is encouraged to be true to themselves. Whoever you are, you will have something inside you that Nando's will allow you to express and this will make you a valuable asset to the team!” – Stephen, a Manager in our Teesside restaurant

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