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  • In 2012, we launched the LGBT+@Sky network for our colleagues, became a Stonewall Diversity Champion and attended London Pride for the very first time. Fast forward to 2019, we have a network of 2,000 LGBT+ colleagues and Allies, we’re recognised as the #1 Media Company for LGBT inclusion by Stonewall, and supporting a record 11 Pride events this summer. We’re extremely proud of our LGBT+@Sky network, which through the passionate volunteering of Champions, Leads and Allies, ensures that inclusivity is central to their local areas.

    Embedding the rainbow flag within our company logo, promoting our LGBT+ content onscreen, or marching in solidarity across the UK and ROI may all seem like individual gestures, but they’re collectively important in increasing visibility, awareness and encouraging everyone to #JustBe during both the promising times and the difficult ones, all around the world.

  • Ready to strategise? Our Operational Resilience are. They've won ‘Strategy of the year’ at the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2019 #LifeAtSky

  • We're proud to say our LGBT+@Sky network won the Large Employer of the Year Awards Proud Scotland Awards 2019 (IC: Jax Quinn) #LifeAtSky #JustBe

  • Sometimes you see the world through a window. The other times it’s through a camera lens (IC: Matt Dunger) #LifeAtSky

  • We’re proud of our LGBT+@Sky network for organising our ‘Truth about Trans’ event. Our panellists shared their life journeys and answered a few of our questions (IC: Paul Toomey)
    #LifeAtSky #JustBe #IDAHOT

  • Opportunity. Role models. Representation. It’s a combined effort to support women into leadership roles. That’s why Tamara spoke at the d&i leaders event (IC: Tamara Kaye) #LifeAtSky

  • Returning to a place of work near you. Alex spoke at the London Job Show about our returners programme (IC: Alex McIntyre) #LifeAtSky

  • You can pick up anything in our cafes. Muffins, protein pots, boxing legends (IC: Nicky Scott-Britton) #LifeAtSky

  • When Harriet booked her meeting room she asked for a screen, turns out she also got a Jay Shetty too (IC: Harriet Smallies) #LifeAtSky

  • Career conscious. Lilly’s daring to develop her career with the Learning & Development team in Sky Business (IC: Lilly Thomas) #LifeAtSky

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