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  • Zalando launched "free to be." to reposition our consumer brand. Jonny Ng, Director Marketing Strategy and Campaigns, elaborates: "It expresses a powerful truth about fashion: when we’re free to be who we want, and wear what we want, nothing can hold us back. It connects to our purpose as a company: to re-imagine fashion for the good of all. Zalando believes in a world where everyone is free to be themselves regardless of style, size, age, gender or background."

  • Less carbon dioxide emissions and waste: Zalando is launching a four-week pilot to test reusable packaging for the delivery of our customer orders. 10,000 customers in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark will receive their items in reusable shipping bags.

    Zalando Tests Reusable Packaging for Delivery

    Reusable packaging is a fresh concept for e-commerce, but could quickly become the new standard for shipping, as two environmental problems are being tackled at the same time: carbon dioxide emissions and waste. Unlike disposable packaging, reuse keeps materials out of the waste stream and extends the life cycle of the original raw material.

  • As Zalando continues to grow, and with it the demand for outlets, we have a brand new outlet in Stuttgart and two more stores are to be opened by 2021. Zalando also offers job-seekers from the Stuttgart area new opportunities.

  • Meet the Mobile API team. "Our team builds and maintains the services supporting the Zalando #Fashion Store native Android & iOS apps. We work closely with frontend engineers building infrastructure to ensure the apps are performing well at any time, allowing our customers to enjoy thousands of products from our growing catalogue. The amount of different customer-facing projects to work on makes it hard to get bored. The impact you have on customers can be addictive and at times intimidating. Our ambition is high and the number of features we want to introduce to our users is tremendous. But, our resources don’t match our ambition - so the next challenge that we need to tackle is to scale up our team. We are a fun group that has weekly team lunches and snowboarding. By having a lot of exposure to interesting ideas and productive feedback from our colleagues makes it easy to grow a lot.”

  • Hello Hannover! We'll be opening our newest Zalando Outlet on August 29. The store in downtown Hannover will offer 1,500 square meters of sales space and three floors of designer and brand products with up to 70 percent off.

  • After successfully completing the testing phase, the TORU robots designed to relieve our logistics employees of particularly strenuous and unergonomic activities are now able to move into a pilot phase working with real customer orders.

  • "We develop software components to distribute items in our logistics network so that it fits with customer demand patterns - we apply mathematical optimization to determine how we need to relocate items so that logistics cost and delivery times are optimized. We have direct customer impact for every order as they get their parcel even faster, and tremendous impact on the efficiency of Zalando logistics at a large scale (at millions of items every week). We are a strong community with supportive peers where there is also lots of room for new ideas and approaches which we regularly explore in our research spike."

    Join Team Kea

    Zalando is a fashion and technology company transforming into a multi­service platform - connecting people and fashion, developing solutions that bring all the different players in the fashion business together.

  • Fashion x Tech! We hosted a panel to discuss the unique roles our services Zalon, our curated styling service, and the Algorithmic Fashion Companion (AFC), our scalable outfit generator, play in personalized fashion.

    Zalon x the Algorithmic Fashion Companion

    The Starting Point For Fashion: Inspiration lies where tech and fashion meet With a product portfolio of over 400,000 products by almost 2,000 brands, Zalando has grown to Europe's leading online Fashion destination. With 10 years of expertise, we know that customers are most inspired by outfits, rather than stand-alone pieces.

  • "Our vision for 2020 is to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Europe. [...] We bundle our activities in three areas: sustainable fashion, sustainable e-commerce and transparency in the supply chain."

    The Whole Package: Zalando's 360 Approach to Sustainability Tackles Boxes and Bags

    Packaging must be part of the picture in Zalando's vision to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Europe The European Consumer Packaging Perceptions study shows that 75 percent of European consumers state that the sustainability of packaging influences their purchasing decisions.

  • Batman instead of a Scrum Master: Our engineer Bodhan explains how his team manages stakeholder requests at Zalando.

    How to Manage Stakeholder Requests in Big Organizations - Zalando Tech Blog

    An important factor of success in agile environment is that team works well together. It is also important for a software engineer to be able to focus for longer periods of time with limited interruptions.

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