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Miranda Kyte

Career Trends Expert

Miranda Kyte is a career trends expert and the PR Specialist for Glassdoor across EMEA. With 6 years experience running creative public relations campaigns and telling stories using complex data, Miranda works alongside the Glassdoor Economic Research team to bring attention to changing employment trends and highlight employee and employer experience trends. She is passionate about achieving equality in the workplace and an advocate for pay transparency.

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Sam Marsden

Senior SEO Specialist

Sam Marsden is a Senior SEO Specialist at Glassdoor. Based in London, Sam is primarily focussed on equipping job seekers in the UK with the information they need to find a company they love by working with a team of expert writers to produce the highest quality career advice.

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Jill Cotton

Career Trends Expert

Jill Cotton is a career trends expert and the PR & Marketing Manager for Glassdoor across EMEA. With 20 years communications experience, she is passionate about creating a more equal work environment and believes workplace transparency is the key to achieving this. Working with the Glassdoor Economic Research team, Jill uses data to identify trends across employee and employer experiences. She has commented on a range of career-related topics and has been featured by the BBC, Insider, Marie Claire, Yahoo! and more.

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