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UK Retail Industry Comparison, According to Employees

177307146Retailers are making big news in the UK this week, with reports of the big four supermarkets losing market share, while ASDA has announced plans to create up to 12,000 jobs. With many consumers and experts keeping a close eye on UK retailers right now, and with several retailers currently hiring, how do they compare as employers, according to those who know best – their own employees?

Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, is revealing its UK Retail Industry Comparison*, shedding light into what it’s really like to work at 15 UK retailers, entirely based on employee feedback. Within this report, we look at how these retailers compare and rate amongst employees for overall company satisfaction, compensation & benefits, senior management and more.

When it comes to where retail employees report the highest satisfaction with their company and job, amongst this group of 15, John Lewis takes top honours with its 4.1 (very satisfied) company rating, followed by Waitrose (3.9) and Harrods (3.9) rounding out the top three.

On the other end of the spectrum, Morrisons, Debenhams and Selfridges share the lowest overall company rating of 2.9 (OK), according to employees, within this group. For perspective, the average company rating on Glassdoor, based on 300,000 companies featured, is a 3.2 (OK) rating. (Company ratings based on a 5.0 point scale: 5.0=very satisfied, 3.0=OK, 1.0=very dissatisfied).

Below is the complete report to see how 15 UK retailers compare in the eyes of their own employees:

Glassdoor UK Retail Comparison. April 2014

UK retail employees have also shared additional perspective on Glassdoor about what’s working well and what needs improvement at all of these retailers. Here’s just some of what they have to say:

John Lewis: Employee Commentary

Pro: “Everyone is very friendly and supportive, they really do help you develop as a sales assistant and make your time there is as enjoyable as possible. You work harder because you’re all in it together; it makes you feel like a family.” – John Lewis Sales Assistant (Peterborough)

Con: “The salary range currently at JL is lower than it is at Waitrose, the salary is generally slightly lower than market rate and career progression is more difficult than elsewhere.” – John Lewis Assistant Buyer (London)

ASDA: Employee Commentary

Pro: “Great staff; good bonus plus discount; nice hours.” – ASDA Sales Assistant (Hereford)

Con: “Inadequate training is given. Regularly left with less than half the colleagues needed to run a department; there have been days where it has just been myself in a department.” – ASDA Customer Service Assistant (Aberdeen)

Tesco: Employee Commentary

Pro: “Really interesting work from the perspective of everybody already knows the business as most people have shopped there and can think of ways to improve it! Really friendly peers there and Tesco is great for your CV!” – Tesco IT Architect (Welwyn Garden City)

Con: “When you get to team leader/management level, there is a lot of pressure with not a lot of support. Not a lot of good encouragement or incentives to work hard. You are expected to work extra hours without pay so unless you are dedicated to the company, stay at the general assistant level.” – Tesco Front End Team Leader (Havant)

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*Report as of 07/04/14; Company ratings, workplace factor ratings & % employees who recommend their company to a friend based on at least 20 reviews, respectively, shared by employees on Glassdoor.