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UK’s 10 Highest Paying Graduate Jobs 2016

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So you’ve just graduated and pretty much made up your mind where you’re dream job will be and who you want to work for. Would you change your mind if you found out that the highest paying graduate vacancies could earn you over £34,000 a year1? Whilst it’s not all about money, you can’t escape the fact that some occupations offer far higher starting salaries than others. In fact, the top three highest paying roles are over the UK’s national average salary of £27,6002. This could come in handy as you battle to pay down several years of student debt!

To help, Glassdoor is here with our latest jobs report identifying the 10 highest paying graduate jobs in 2016. Is your chosen career in the list? Check out the complete results:

Glassdoor’s ten highest paying graduate jobs are:

  1. Graduate Analyst – £34,366
  1. Graduate Consultant – £28,891
  1. Graduate Software Engineer –£28,370
  1. Graduate Mechanical Engineer – £26,949
  1. Graduate Engineer – £26,500
  1. Graduate Software Developer – £26,000
  1. Graduate Civil Engineer – £25,000
  1. Graduate Structural Engineer – £24,993
  1. Graduate Management Trainee – £20,000
  1. Graduate Recruitment Consultant – £20,000

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  1. Methodology: This list was determined by searching for specific jobs on Glassdoor with the word “graduate” in the title and a minimum of 35 salary reports. Salary data is correct as of 25th July 2016.
  2. Office For National Statistics