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6 Signs You’re A Natural Born Recruiter

If you’re like most recruiters, chances are you fell into the profession. Maybe it was the right advice at the right time...
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How to Be an Employer of Choice

What do candidates really think of your organisation, and why should you care? The Glassdoor Informed Candidate Survey (August ...
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7 Ways To Manage Employee Holiday Time Off

Business owners don’t have to see red during the holidays as long as they manage their staff right. At no other time...
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Your Holiday Party Planning Checklist

And we’re off! The holidays are here, and it’s time to get the parties started. Here’s your go-to party planning checklis...
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Creating a Flawless Candidate Experience Breakfast Event Recap

The old adage, information is power, has perhaps never rang more true than in today’s digital, hyper-connected era where ever...
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The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

When you see a dog, you can’t help but smile. Their joy for life is infectious. But it’s not just their cute mugs that make...
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Why You Should (& Shouldn’t) Rehire Former Employees

A stellar employee at your organisation quits for a “better” job. Months later, you get an email. It turns out that their n...
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The Glassdoor Recruit Recordings are Live!

Our first-ever recruiting focused conference was a global success! The main event drew thousands in Chicago, while hundreds att...
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We’re Listening: Glassdoor Surveys Employers on Recruiting Challenges

Is attracting quality candidates a challenge at your organisation? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone – a new survey by...
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How to Respond to Reviews & Boost Your Brand

Say there’s a new Indian take-away in your neighbourhood. Chances are, you’re likely to jump online to read the latest revi...
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The Brutal Truth About Why Nobody Wants to Work for Your Company

Dear employers: There’s not a talent shortage in the UK. Potential employees just think your company’s no good. Here’s wh...
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The Art of the Prescreen: 5 Critical Questions

Before you even start your interview process, it’s critical to do a round of prescreen interviews, whether by phone or video ...
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