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5 Essentials for Managing Reviews from Glassdoor Power Users

Getting your company and your leadership team engaged with Glassdoor is no easy feat, especially if you're starting from scratch. But it's never too late. At our recent Power Panel, How to Recruit with Reviews, we spoke with representatives from three companies who began engaging with Glassdoor as recently as one year ago. In that time, they've seen an increase in reviews, more visits to their Glassdoor employer page, and collected feedback that's helped improve their interview process and employer brand. Not only that, recruiting has gotten easier because candidates are more informed.

Here are some helpful things we learned in the panel moderated by Nelly Davcheva, Senior Enterprise Relationship Director, Glassdoor. Speakers were Sophie Hicks, Employer Brand Manager, SkyUK, Keeran Gunnoo, Global Employer Brand Director Unilever, Kate Napier, Communications Manager & EA to CEO, The Rank Group.

1. Drive Leadership Buy-in With Business Value

When Kate Napier set out to get The Rank Group more involved with Glassdoor, she prepared a pitch that presented the business case on why Glassdoor is important and why the staff needs it. She really believed in what she was pitching and therefore was able to sell it to the leadership team and department heads.

Sophie Hicks had a similar process to get senior leadership on board: she presented the data on Glassdoor usage and compared it to visits to the Sky careers page. "You will get the attention of your leaders if you show them you are not managing one of your key channels," she said.

2. Encourage reviews

The Unilever team felt that not managing reviews on Glassdoor was stagnating the recruiting process. Keeran Gunnoo shared how they began requesting reviews from hiring managers themselves, and also asked them to encourage reviews among their teams. Unilever helped take the pain points out of the process by sharing sample reviews, communicating that reviewers could be as candid as they like, and letting them know they could remain anonymous. The company also suggests reviews in venues around the office, including digital screens and screensavers.

As an entertainment company, The Rank Group takes an on-brand creative approach to encouraging reviews, such as handing out chocolate bars with a message to take a break and write a Glassdoor review. Sky maps review requests to employee lifecycle moments, such as three months in and anniversaries.

3. Set the tone for review responses

A structured approach to how your company responds to reviews is a key consideration before getting started. Sky treats reviews and review responses as they would any other employee social channel. They take a warm, informal approach and acknowledge the reviewers' feelings. Reviews are looked at every two weeks and distributed to respective senior leadership teams for the option of a response.

At Unilever, all review responses are completed by the employer brand team. The team aims to speak to reviewers on their level and makes sure they understand they've been heard. The Rank Group addresses any reviews that are factually incorrect and doesn't always respond to overly emotional reviews from former employees.

4. Highlight positive reviews

Positive reviews are not only a great recruiting tool, they help foster engagement among current employees. The Rank Group takes excerpts from positive reviews and posts them in various venues around the office. Sky posts great celebratory reviews on employee social media channels, and Unilever created a video in which recent grads read reviews.

5. Leverage Analytics and Review Summaries

Both Sky and Unilever roll up summaries from reviews and present them along with Glassdoor analytics to leadership and management. At Unilever, the synopsis of Pros and Cons makes it all the way to the CEO, and all feedback is taken as constructive. "We want to tackle these problems so we don't see the same reviews crop up again," said Gunnoo.

If you'd like to watch the entire Power Panel for more stellar advice on managing Glassdoor reviews, click here. For more on how to make the most out of your Glassdoor account, download Glassdoor for Dummies today!

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