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5 Secrets to Becoming a Best Place to Work

Every year, Glassdoor honours the UK’s Best Places to Work. Glassdoor’s award is one of the most authentic and trusted workplace awards. Unlike other workplace awards, it represents the insights and sentiment from the people who know these companies best – the employees.

Glassdoor is here to help you, the job seeker, find a job you love that fits your life. Therefore, we’ve scoured the hundreds of thousands of employee reviews left during the awards eligibility period to find out the secrets behind the UK’s Best Places to Work in 2020!

The five most prominent themes of the winners are:

Work-Life Balance

These companies give their employees the ability to choose their own flexible hours. With opportunities to work from home or any location of their choosing to ensure that their working hours and style fits their lives.

Great Culture

2020 begins the culture-first decade. Workplace culture is becoming a core business issue in a growing number of industries and we know that culture trumps cash when it comes to employee satisfaction in the workplace. The Best Places to Work in the UK in 2020 have cultures which are driven by clear values, encourage good team ethics and have workplaces made up of smart colleagues.

Office Environment

The UK’s Best Places to Work in 2020 feature companies with modern, well-equipped offices. These offices often have state-of-the-art technology and high-quality office equipment to help employees do their jobs efficiently. Free food and drinks are mentioned very often in employee reviews at the Best Places to Work, with barista-quality coffee, healthy snacks and regular breakfasts and lunches provided.

Leadership & Senior Management

Employees at the UK’s Best Places to Work in 2020 mention the respect that they have for their company’s leadership and also the respect they receive from the leadership. In addition, the support and trust that employees have in senior management contributes to their overall feeling of satisfaction. 

Learning & Development

Employees recognise the training and opportunities that the UK’s Best Places to Work in 2020 provide them with, as well as the responsibility and exposure that they are given in their roles. Good career development is mentioned frequently as a reason why employees love working at these companies.

Congratulations to all companies recognised, and to job seekers: if you’re looking to make your next career move in 2020, check out open positions at the Best Places to Work now!

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*Each list was compiled using Glassdoor’s proprietary algorithm, and each company overall rating determined based on the quantity, quality and consistency of reviews during the period of eligibility. For the full methodology, visit here.

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