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6 Major Pain Points About Glassdoor Reviews and How to Solve Them

Reading through all of your Glassdoor reviews can be overwhelming. And manually extracting critical insights is time consuming, meaning that valuable insights can get buried. The average surveyed employer spends over 50 hours a year analysing their Glassdoor reviews.* We built Review Intelligence™ to make it much easier to analyse Glassdoor reviews and take the guesswork out of what your employees are saying about you.

Here are the top 6 pain points that might sound familiar, plus quick solutions that are simpler than you think.

Pain Point #1: You know you're missing out on a wealth of insight because you've conducted minimal sentiment analysis of Glassdoor reviews, but you just don't know where to start.

Solution: Get strategic by analysing sentiment by specific job function and over time to pinpoint the why and where behind spikes.

Glassdoor Review Intelligence reviews by month

Pain Point #2: You're relying heavily on Glassdoor's Excel export of reviews for offline, manual analysis to inform the development of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) - and it's tedious and time consuming.

Solution: Filter by current or former employees to compare how sentiment on specific topics compares to the overall company sentiment average, and how it's trending.

Pain Point #3: You're sorely lacking context behind star ratings, and need to understand what employees are qualitatively saying about your company on deeper topics.

Solution: Dive deep into specific Topic Analysis pages, extracting quotes and trends in sentiment around topics like Culture or Career Development.

Pain Point #4: You know there's been a lapse in monitoring reviews, and your employer brand was impacted before responding proactively.

Solution: Compare sentiment against competitors to identify opportunity areas for improvement.

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Pain Point #5: There's a lack of visibility into country and region-specific sentiment hidden in Glassdoor reviews.

Solution: Analyse sentiment by country to prioritize review topic areas to improve by location.

How to improve employer brand strategy with Glassdoor Review Intelligence

Pain Point #6: Undertaking manual analysis to see a breakdown of Glassdoor ratings by dimension (e.g. Culture, Benefits) and finding text from recent reviews to supplement ratings is impossibly time consuming.

Solution: Leverage the competitor comparison table to understand baseline benchmarks of sentiment against other companies.

How to improve employee sentiment using Glassdoor Review Intelligence.

The best employer brands are built organically and authentically by people, not artificially through formal process or top-down by executives. That's why it's so important to build your employer brand organically - by treating your people well, ensuring a widespread feeling of belonging, and listening to and learning from real feedback in Glassdoor reviews. It's only then that the genuine story about your workplace - told by the people who know it best - will serve to draw more great people, diverse perspectives and innovation to your company. 

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*Source: Survey of 168 Glassdoor employer users conducted August 11-28, 2020. Based on average reported quarterly time spent.