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6 Simple Hiring Policies That Will Boost Diversity

When thinking about systemic injustices that affect underrepresented groups, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the colossal task of dismantling deeply entrenched patterns and practices. But take comfort knowing that change will never happen based on any single gesture, no matter its magnitude or impact; instead, it will come with the aggregated power of incremental gains.

Here are 5 simple policies that will increase diversity in hiring:

1. Eliminate Referral Bonuses

By phasing out referral bonuses you can begin to make headway towards increasing diversity at your organisation. Payscale recently released a report based on a survey of 53,000 workers to understand how referrals impact a company's hiring efforts, including the unintended consequence that diversity will likely suffer. The survey found that referral programs benefit white men more than any other demographic, while women of color are the least likely to receive a referral.

2. Diversify Recruiting Efforts

In seeking to fill open roles, fundamentally change the way you identify and recruit candidates to attract a more diverse talent pool. For example, commit to dedicating more than 50% of your sourcing efforts to underrepresented talent pools through partnerships with diversity focused sourcing tools, and ensure to the extent possible that all interview teams include diverse representation.

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3. Go Beyond Virtue Signaling

There was a widespread backlash to the ubiquitous black boxes posted on social media in the days after the murder of George Floyd, and companies now better understand that making statements without real underlying, meaningful actions will be taken as nothing more than an empty, meaningless gesture. Underrepresented groups increasingly demand to see proof of action, including bias-free hiring practices, representation at the highest levels of leadership, plus financial backing of important causes.

Pro tip: Get loud and proud about your charitable contributions on your Glassdoor Employer Profile with an overview of your company values in your Why Work With Us section, plus regular Company Updates.

4. Showcase Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have become a major part of building an employee-driven atmosphere of heightened awareness and critical thinking around established systems within organisations - and who they do and don't benefit. They also play an important role in demonstrating to job seekers that they will have an immediate community and sense of belonging if they sign on with your company. By making the effort to regularly support vibrant forums for learning & discussion, you'll not only be nurturing the engagement of your current workforce, you'll be setting a welcoming scene for bringing on new diverse hires.

Pro tip: Get loud and proud about events sponsored by and for your ERGs by featuring photos and video footage from panel conversations, celebrations and other activities on your Glassdoor Employer Profile.

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5. Highlight Career Paths for Diverse Employees

The benefits of ensuring that there is real potential for career growth for all employees, including those from underrepresented groups, are many. First, it is simply the right thing to do. Furthermore, ensuring that employees from underrepresented groups are positioned to succeed and rise in your organisation mitigates homogeneous thinking, which is a positive force for innovation. Also, when diverse candidates see that people like themselves are being promoted at your company, they are more likely to believe that their future and the real possibility for career advancement are best pursued right where they are . If, when you look around for examples of diverse employees at your company who have been promoted and see few or none, consider implementing unconscious bias training for managers so they can hire and conduct performance evaluations free of favoritism or preconceived notions of which they were likely not even aware.

Pro tip: Use your Glassdoor Company Updates to spotlight and profile employees who have been promoted. Not only does doing this serve to give job seekers a glimpse into the types of people who get promoted and a sense of limitless possibilities, it brings an authenticity to your employer profile that candidates are looking for.

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Do Your Part to Drive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

You can help us shine a light on workplace inequities among underrepresented groups by anonymously sharing your demographics. By collecting this data, we can work to pinpoint diversity and pay disparities.

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