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9 Ways Recruiters Use Glassdoor

In honour of Glassdoor’s 9th anniversary, we’re highlighting 9 ways recruiters use Glassdoor to win top talent. Each of these strategies is an approach that simply wasn’t possible before Glassdoor – at least at the scale at which it can be deployed today. Is your recruitment effort firing on all cylinders? If you’re 9 for 9, chances are you’re leading the race for attracting the very best people.

1. Manage your Glassdoor reviews.

Managing your reviews is a great way to absorb feedback from both current and former employees. Consider it free, actionable advice to optimise your interview or hiring process, improve your company culture or possibly upgrade the benefits your organisation provides. As you can imagine, job seekers love reading reviews about what it’s like to work at an organisation, but they also appreciate seeing the “employee perspective” in the form of official company responses to both positive and negative comments on Glassdoor.

2. Gain competitive intelligence.

How much do you know about your competitors? Are job seekers leaving your Glassdoor profile to visit someone else’s page? Guess no longer. A Free Employer Account offers up an accurate picture of which companies you compete against for talent and how you stack up against other industry leaders. Study how your competitors market their company, culture, and open jobs. Read company reviews by their employees to spot trends, themes, or weaknesses you can use to your advantage in differentiating your company.

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3. Learn more about your candidates.

Speaking of data, a Glassdoor Free Employer Account offers a serious demographic breakdown of your profile visitors and those you may want to target for open jobs, from gender and education to years of experience. In short, this intelligence helps you refine your recruiting.

4. Let candidates learn more about you.

Recruiters use Glassdoor to give candidates the opportunity to become informed candidates and opt into their company. This means recruiters can work smarter, not harder. Audience targeting lets you provide a personalised view of your Enhanced Profile for up to 4 audiences based on occupation.

5. Optimise job titles and descriptions.

Do you know which job titles are most appealing to job seekers visiting your Glassdoor profile? We do. Use your Free Employer Account to help you see which jobs are being clicked on most and which job descriptions perform best (and worst).

6. Industry benchmarking.

Only by setting goals and benchmarks can you truly measure and track your success. If your priority for the coming year is to lower your cost per hire, do your homework now by calculating which channels bring you the most candidates at the most efficient cost. Having buy?in from senior management and other company champions is a great way to endorse, optimise, and amplify your recruitment marketing mission. Decide who should report metrics and results, to whom, and how often (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

7. Learn from interview reviews.

Recruiters use GD interview reviews as a reference point - good reviews show what's working, negative reviews show what needs to be fixed. Recruiters can also learn from interview reviews on competitor sites.

8. Train internal brand ambassadors.

Ask target employees what they love about working at your organisation to ensure it matches your company’s unique mission and vision. Utilise employees in videos and encourage sharing on social networks to amplify your company’s message and attract like-minded talent.

9. Spotlight your jobs.

Increase your reach to the exact talent you are searching with targeted job display advertising. Your company’s open jobs are already on Glassdoor, but when you spotlight your jobs, they get better visibility and custom targeting – so your jobs will appear first in search instead of on page 5 or 6! It’s one key way thriving companies attract and recruit high quality candidates across industries – from tech and finance to retail and manufacturing.

Ever wondered who’s viewing your Glassdoor profile or how to respond to Glassdoor reviews on your profile? A Glassdoor Free Employer Account is the best way to know.