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Leading the Future of Work as Glassdoor CEO

When Glassdoor debuted nearly 12 years ago, our co-founder and then CEO Robert Hohman wrote, "We built Glassdoor for a very simple reason - because we believe that work matters."

Today, as I step into the role of Glassdoor's second and next CEO, I'm honoured and humbled by the opportunity to continue working towards achieving our mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love. 

As we enter a new decade, this is an exciting time for Glassdoor because the future of work is top of mind for everyone. Two trends stand out to me:

1. Job seekers and employers are looking for trusted platforms and resources to help them navigate a fast-changing, increasingly complex jobs market. Job seekers want to understand which skills will make them successful, how AI and technology will impact their work, and what new working arrangements may surface that change how they work and how they interact with their employer. At the same time, employers want to better understand what is top-of-mind for job seekers and employees.

2. Great corporate culture is critical for both job seekers and employers. Employees rank "culture and values" as the top factor driving long-term workplace satisfaction, according to Glassdoor Economic Research. And the Business Roundtable, a prominent group of CEOs from the world's largest companies, recently declared that employees are the central purpose of today's companies

Glassdoor is best positioned to capitalise on these trends because we offer insights and information that is not available anywhere else: millions of job listings, company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, benefit reviews and more. Job seekers are better informed because they come to Glassdoor for every phase of their career -- from when they just begin to think about a potential new job, right up through negotiating their offer. Employers across industries and sizes are better positioned to hire quality candidates because they can showcase their unique workplace culture.

I am committed to furthering Glassdoor's legacy by innovating in these areas where we make the greatest impact. For job seekers, that means creating new products and tools that get us closer to achieving our mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love. For employers, that means we will go deeper than ever to help them attract and hire quality talent that contribute to business results and their company culture.  

Thank you Robert and all of my Glassdoor colleagues for starting us on this journey. Please join me as we take Glassdoor into our next chapter. Let's do this, together.


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