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Colt’s Global Recruitment Director: “We’ve Partnered With Glassdoor To Give Employees A Voice”

With huge size and scale, award-winning software company Colt Technology Services is a powerhouse in terms of offering digital solutions and cloud-based networks for businesses across the world. Its employees are local market specialists and some of the very best you’ll find in the industry.

So, they need to be kept happy, right? In such a competitive and fast-moving sector, Colt works hard to make sure their customers aren’t the only ones being looked after. To find out more, we caught up with Craig Hunter, Colt’s Sales & Marketing Recruitment Director, to discuss how they’ve embraced Glassdoor, promoted the business globally and used tools and analytics to hire the very best talent. We’ll also be talking with Hunter on the Glassdoor Recruit livestream on 19th September, so be sure to tune in then!

Glassdoor: How do you use Glassdoor on a daily basis?

CH: In the Tripadvisor/review society we live in it is important to offer transparency to employees past, present and future. By investing in Glassdoor as a partner, we have been able to provide Colt employees with a voice, offering authentic content that forms part of our EVP. Working with our brand ambassador community, we have positioned Glassdoor as part of the candidate attraction strategy. Landing our brand on relevant pages, integrating widgets with the new careers site, and embedding glassdoor/social media messaging as part of our onboarding and induction programme. We also ensure we monitor reviews and respond accordingly, taking on board any feedback to help shape our candidate experience. We want prospective applicants to know what it’s like to work at Colt. That way they know that’s is not just the job, it’s also the culture of the business that is right for them.

What results have you seen as a consequence?

Our average ratings have increased from 2.8-3.6 over the last 12 months. Followers increased by an excess of one thousand since March alone, and we now have an industry leading position among competitors in the telecoms industry globally. Our CEO and confidence ratings are up there with the best I have seen. Add to this a stimulated direct number of page visits that convert directly to applicants.

We know, especially where recruiting sales people is concerned, that 97 percent are likely to research online reviews before accepting a job and 86 percent are more likely to apply to a company that a friend recommends. It’s important to point out that these results are not from coercing or persuading employees to promote the business. It’s been about letting people know the platform exists, educating hiring managers as to its importance, while in tandem the business has been focusing on its people agenda to genuinely make Colt a better place to work.

What would you say to companies considering investing in Glassdoor?

Don’t bury your head in the sand and do make the leap. There is a lot of debate out there about how to use Glassdoor ‘on the cheap’. And yes you can achieve some results, but by truly partnering with Glassdoor you can manage the platform and content to leverage results. The ROI is there for the taking. What I would say  though is that you also need to invest resource and time to use it properly; make it a two way conversation and ensure that you offer up an authentic, transparent window of insight. The tools and analytics are invaluable when fine tuning both your internal and external perceptions.

Working together with Glassdoor moving forward what are you short, medium and long-term goals?

We are looking to build upon the success so far and look for Glassdoor to complement our attraction more globally. We have invested in bespoke profiles for UK, Germany and France which we may look to extend to other countries across Asia and the US.

How would you sum up the impact of Glassdoor on your employer brand in one sentence?

Powerful – Glassdoor provides a platform of insight that isn’t engineered by marketers or branding agencies. Glassdoor is honest and open, providing transparency and building trust.

Want to learn more from Craig Hunter? Tune in for the Glassdoor Recruit livestream on the 19th of September. Or attend our in-person screening event!

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