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Introducing Glassdoor Product Updates in Response to COVID-19

Glassdoor has launched new features to help employers keep candidates informed about how their company is responding to COVID-19. What matters most right now is that companies are quickly stepping up in a time of need. But over the coming months and years, job seekers and candidates will remember which employers rose to the occasion and how. How a company manages this crisis and leads their people through it will have a direct impact on its reputation as an employer post-pandemic.

Here for You During COVID-19

Glassdoor is in a position to help various organisations, communities and sections of society impacted by COVID-19 through our product, our technology, our skills and our employees. One way we’re stepping up as a company is by connecting job seekers and employers more effectively during this challenging time. Glassdoor has just launched the following new features – already available in your Employer Center.

COVID-19 Company Updates

Company Updates on Glassdoor keep job seekers informed about how your company is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use them to show how you’re taking care of your people and indicate your current hiring status.

Creating a COVID-19 Company Update will share the news to your profile with a special visual treatment and will also be shared in weekly Follower emails. You can now specify a Company Update as one specific to COVID-19. You can also retroactively indicate previous Company Updates as relevant to COVID-19. All employers with a Glassdoor account can access this feature.

In your Employer Center, navigate to Employer Profile > Company Updates to check it out.

Hiring Surge Status

Let candidates know if you have a spike in demand for workers by clicking on the “Hiring Surge” indicator on your profile. Because candidates can now filter job postings by hiring status, this will boost visibility to your jobs. You can update this at any time, and you can opt out at any time by turning off the feature on the Homepage of your Employer Center. All employers with a Glassdoor account can access this feature.

Employer Center Banner Alert with Hiring Status and Link to Company Updates


COVID-19 Infosite with “Hiring Surge” Badge and COVID-19 Company Update

Resources for Employers

For timely resources on everything from managing remote staff to navigating virtual interviews, visit the Glassdoor for Employers resource library here.

Resources for Job Seekers

At Glassdoor, our mission is to help people everywhere find a job and company they love. Now more than ever, we are committed to providing job seekers with the resources they need to shine a light on right-fit jobs and companies still hiring, as well as provide resources and tips during these uncertain times. Glassdoor helps job seekers find jobs now and employees navigate a quickly changing job market and new workplace norms. To this end, Glassdoor is also releasing a new COVID-19 specific Job Resources Page that will connect candidates with employers more effectively. The page includes multiple ways for jobseekers to find open roles and companies in their area that are actively hiring now. Learn more here.

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