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Why Employer Brand Videos Work

The explosion in online video thanks to high-speed data connections on smartphones has radically shifted consumption away from text- and image-based content.

As of May 2016, YouTube reported more than 1 billion users; growth in viewing time is up at least 50 percent each of the past three years. For 2015, Cisco reported 55 percent of all mobile data traffic came from video, and predicts video will account for 75 percent of mobile data traffic in 2020.

In short, video rules.

For HR, recruiters, hiring managers and marketers, the application of recruitment marketing principles to employer branding makes video the perfect medium for communicating your company story, culture and brand to candidates.

Here’s what video can do for you:

Show your people

Before they apply for your job openings, job candidates want to know if they’ll fit your culture, on a team or in a department.

Not only is your workforce your company’s most precious asset but it’s also an incredible recruiting resource. Allowing candidates to see how your employees dress, how they talk and the positive energy they exude when talking about their jobs can give job seekers the clues they need to decide if there’s a good match.

Do managers look like considerate people? Do staff look welcoming enough to share a table with at lunch?

Do managers look like considerate people? Do staff look welcoming enough to share a table with at lunchCandidates have dozens of questions about their potential colleagues as they consider a job and company. Your videos can provide the answers. In turn, armed with an inside look at your culture and workforce, job candidates will ask better, more insightful questions during interviews, rather than going in blind.

Watch this Open Table video to see how they present their people, team by team.

Show your workspace

Watching a camera pan around your work environment, conference rooms and break areas, candidates glean a real sense of what to expect when they come in for interviews.

Whether your office has basic or top-notch décor, candidates appreciate a realistic view.

The decision to spend eight to 10 hours a day within your walls is a big one, so the more you can show, the better. This video from Zillow shows a new employee receiving a day-one office tour.

Showcase your culture

How do people interact in meetings and at events? Will I be able to grow my career with this company?

How do people interact in meetings and at events? Will I be able to grow my career with this compaEnlightening video testimonials from employees can give candidates not only a glimpse into company culture but also help set expectations about career growth.

If your culture is infused with a unique sense of fun or humor, video can amplify it in special or unexpected ways, e.g., this example from Twitter or this April Fool’s Day video by OpenTable.

In contrast, an employer branding video can also communicate a seriousness of purpose, such as this production by Apple. Here Shopify ties together three elements—people, environment, and culture—in one neat package.

Inspire people to your mission

Your mission to “change the world” might be the deciding factor for a candidate considering a similar position at another company. Deloitte research shows that “mission-driven” companies have 30 percent higher levels of innovation and 40 percent higher levels of retention, and they tend to best or second in their market segment.

Mission is also important for the next generation of workers. The same study showed that more than 70 percent of Millennials expect their employers to focus on societal or mission-driven problems.

In this employer brand video, Facebook employees explain how the company mission inspires them on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Imagine Learning demonstrates its mission in action by including this video from the “Student Stories” section of its website on its Glassdoor employer profile.

A final word

Creating a compelling employer brand video that showcases your people, offices and culture, and that inspires candidates to your mission will be easier if you’ve done your homework and have a clearly defined employer value proposition. To learn more about strengthening your employer brand, download our eBook Employer Branding for Dummies®, Glassdoor Special Edition.