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6 Facts You Need to Know About Glassdoor Jobseekers

If you’re visiting Glassdoor’s blog, odds are that you’re already somewhat familiar with who we are and what services we offer. But do you know the details about who makes up Glassdoor’s user base, what their behaviours are and why they stand apart from other job site candidates? If not, it’s time to brush up on your Glassdoor statistics — read on below!

1. 78% of Glassdoor Candidates Have at Least 2 Years’ Experience

Many recruiters and hiring managers associate online job boards with inexperienced and unqualified candidates who apply indiscriminately to every job that catches their eye. But Glassdoor users aren’t your average jobseekers — they tend to be uniquely high-quality and well-qualified. One reason is simply that they are experienced. With 78% of users already at least two years into their career, Glassdoor jobseekers know their way around the workplace  — which often translates into greater mastery of skills, both hard and soft, as well as less time required to get fully up to speed.

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2. 9 in 10 Glassdoor Candidates Have a University Degree

Another indication of the high calibre of Glassdoor jobseekers: they’re a well-educated bunch! Not only do the vast majority of Glassdoor candidates have university degrees — one in four has additional post-grad qualifications. So if many of your roles require advanced degrees or specialised skills, Glassdoor might just be the perfect fit for your organisation’s recruitment needs.

3. The #1 Reason Users Visit Glassdoor Is to Search for/Apply to Jobs

Upon hearing the word “Glassdoor,” many talent acquisition and recruitment professionals instantly think of the company reviews they’ve heard so much about. However, Glassdoor is more than just a review site — it’s a full-service job and recruiting platform. Glassdoor candidates are often actively seeking new opportunities, with a full 80% of UK users saying the main reason they visit Glassdoor is to search and/or apply to open jobs. The result is a candidate pool that is both high quality and high intent — perfectly primed to learn more about your organisation and its opportunities.

4. 73% of Glassdoor Users Are More Likely to Apply if the Employer Is Active on Glassdoor

Glassdoor candidates aren’t just applying to any old jobs, however. They’re most interested in the organisations that are actively engaging on Glassdoor — for example, responding to reviews, regularly updating their profile and sharing updates on the culture and work environment. Glassdoor is a powerful, two-way platform, and the firms that embrace it to its fullest extent are able to use it to share their story with candidates and, ultimately, persuade them to join their organisation.

5. Glassdoor Hires Have a 30% Higher Retention Rate

Because Glassdoor allows jobseekers an inside look at different companies, candidates are able to self-select into the roles and organisations that are truly the best fit for them. The result is informed candidates who arrive on the job with the right expectations and, as such, are more likely to stay. Given that the average cost of employee turnover is around £11,000 per person, it’s clear that hiring candidates who stick around is imperative to your bottom line.

6. Sponsored Jobs Receive 14X More Clicks & 10X More Apply Starts Than Non-Sponsored Jobs

By now, you know that Glassdoor candidates are highly qualified, highly motivated to apply to jobs and more likely to stay at a company than candidates from other sources. But what, you might wonder, is the best way to reach them? The answer: sponsoring your job listings! While Glassdoor aggregates all of your open jobs to the site, sponsoring jobs makes them significantly more likely to appear in front of the right candidates in search results, email alerts and more.

Want to learn even more about Glassdoor’s audience, products and services? Contact our sales team or look into posting jobs — over 60+ million unique users per month are waiting to hear from you!

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