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The Glassdoor Recruit Recordings are Live!

Our first-ever recruiting focused conference focused on how to win with informed candidates – the people you want to join your company. We learned that informed candidates boost morale, drive innovation, increase productivity, and significantly contribute to your overall business success.

Download the recordings to revisit your favourite sessions – or tune in to any you missed the first time around!

In the conference’s mainstage talks and breakout labs, we heard all about how attracting talent has evolved – and how the rules of recruiting have changed for good. In short:

1. People have choices when it comes to deciding where to work.

2. They want a job that fits their life, and they need inside information about their potential employer before they commit.

3. Informed candidates win when they self select for the right job posted on Glassdoor.

4. Recruiters win by hiring these informed candidates because they save time and money while boosting retention and morale.

Our new infographic illustrates why everyone wins with Glassdoor.

New Rules Recruiting Infographic

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