How to Write Job Ads That Convert

In today’s labour market, it’s tougher than ever to reach and engage top talent — but what if we told you there was an easy way to attract the very best of the best job candidates?

Good news — there is. In our latest resource, How to Create Job Ads That Convert, we explain how to write an engaging, effective job advert that will snag the attention of top applicants in no time flat.  As a quick preview, here are six quick tips to help you compose a job ad that will convert.

1. Make Your Description Specific

You want the best candidates, not every candidate. But if you keep your job description too general, you’ll get every kind of candidate, qualified or not. So make sure to highlight the qualifications an ideal candidate would have, beyond generic descriptors like “motivated.”

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2. Sell the Job

You are searching for the perfect candidate — but potential applicants are searching for the perfect job. And if you don’t tell them why your opening is the right one for them, they may pass it over for another opportunity. So be sure to include three to five reasons a candidate would love this job, and put them at the top of the posting. Things that you might consider adding are: your incredible team, a cool company culture or goals you’ve set for the future.

3. Make It Easy to Read

Going on and on and on is a sure way to turn off an ideal job candidate. Plus, search engines don’t love dense and lengthy paragraphs. When it comes to job ads, less really is more. Try to keep paragraphs short, language simple and avoid internal jargon and acronyms.

4. Talk Up Your Benefits

Did you know that more than 40 percent of Millennials say they select an employer based on their health and wellness benefits? They do! So be sure to list them — as well as other perks, such as holiday time, training opportunities or a flexible work schedule — in the ad.

5. Use Glassdoor!

When you post your job ad on Glassdoor, you can feel confident top candidates will come to you. Glassdoor sees 62 million unique visitors each month, with 71 percent of UK users saying they come to Glassdoor for their job search. You’ll miss these users without a job posting!

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6. Find Inspiration in Other Ads

Put yourself in a job applicant’s shoes, and search job sites for postings on the position you are offering. What is appealing about them? When you find things you like, try to emulate them in your ad (without copying, of course). And when you find things that aren’t great, ask yourself why — and try to avoid making these same mistakes in your own job posting.

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