Tell Your Story on Glassdoor Better Than Ever: Introducing Nested Profiles

Do you have difficulty representing your company’s organisational structure when recruiting potential job seekers? Are there specific job functions or divisions that you would specifically like to recruit for on Glassdoor?

As employers are increasingly investing in employer branding to recruit top talent, Glassdoor is rolling out two new products for your Enhanced Profile. These will make “telling your brand story” on the platform better than ever. The first is Affiliated Profiles, which allows you to group existing profiles of affiliated companies under your parent profile on Glassdoor. It allows job seekers to better understand how all of your different affiliated companies are related and makes it easier for job seekers to discover opportunities across your entire corporate family.  The second product is Nested Profiles, which segments reviews, jobs, and branded content from your profile by job function or division. Early next year, you will be able to create segments of your current profile, giving job seekers a glimpse at what it’s like to work in a specific area of your business.

With an Affiliated Profile, your job seekers will see the following on your Enhanced Profile: 

  • Overview Tab: New module to show logos of your affiliated companies
  • Organisation Structure Tab: New page that provides a short description and showcases all the separate affiliated profiles
  • Jobs Tab: Open jobs from your affiliated companies 
  • All Tabs: New module on the right-hand side of every tab previewing your organisation structure

Here's what your upgraded employer profile can look like:

With Nested Profiles, your job seekers will see the following:

  • Organisation Structure Tab: New page that provides a short description and showcases all the separate nested profiles
  • Drop-down menu: on the Parent company page to show the different divisions
  • All Nested Profiles:

    • Reviews, jobs, and ratings segmented out by division
    • Customizable branding features for each division (e.g. Company Updates, Why Work for Us, etc.)
    • Division-specific ratings, reviews, and branded content on a job posting

We know your company structure is unique, and you have specific hiring goals. Affiliated and Nested Profiles are just what you need to drive visibility and target specific audiences so you can find the candidates you’re looking for. GAP Inc, Zillow and Dell are just a few of the companies that are finding success with Affiliated Profiles already. Check out our Help Center for more details on how these new updates apply to you.

Given today's tight hiring market, Glassdoor’s new products let you “tell your story” like never before, putting the relevant parts of your employer brand in front of the right job seekers.

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