Salary Estimates in Jobs: What Employers Need to Know

Glassdoor is launching a new salary tool and an enhancement to job listings in the UK and Canada.

Why? To better match the right people with the right companies, helping employers hire quality candidates. Many employers are already seeing more interest in their jobs from quality candidates on Glassdoor, which is great for business. Plus, these features have been available in the U.S. since 2016 and have helped to close the gender pay gap by empowering women through greater understanding of what they should be earning.

To make this a benefit for both employees and employers, it’s important that companies have all the information they need around salary estimates in job listings, including how you can address any concerns with pay ranges displayed.

Here are 5 FAQs to help you with salary estimates in your jobs. And, find more information in our Help Centre article.

1. Why are you showing salary estimates in job listings?

For employers, salary estimates in job listings help you recruit and hire. It helps employers significantly by driving greater interest to your jobs and reducing time in the recruitment and interview process by ensuring only informed, career-conscious candidates with the right expectations apply.

Providing pay information at the beginning of the recruiting and interview process helps candidates self-select out, reducing the number of resumes needed to get to a hire. Research shows that the top piece of information Glassdoor users want when evaluating a job or employer is detail on salary/compensation packages. By clarifying a salary range upfront, candidates will opt in or out early, minimising the possibility of coming to a salary stalemate later on.

For job seekers, including salary information in job listings helps too, providing them the added pay information they’ve been asking for, and helping them find jobs where pay realities meet their pay expectations. In fact, data shows that job seekers want more insight into salary and comp during the job search process.

A recent survey of 2,021 UK employees conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Glassdoor, revealed that job seekers face a salary black hole when applying for jobs and two-thirds of employees did not negotiate their salary last time they were offered a new job. Two big takeaways from the survey:

More than 1 in 5 employees did not have an accurate idea of what salary was on offer last time they looked for a job

  • This gap in knowledge was more pronounced for younger workers: 28 percent of those aged between 16 - 34 years old, compared to 20 percent of those aged 45 and above
  • Over a quarter of employees in the following industries did not have an accurate idea of what salary was on offer: Retail, Catering & Leisure (27 percent), Finance (27 percent), Legal (29 percent), Arts & Culture (30 percent)

Eight in ten job seekers would prefer job ads to indicate an approximate salary

  • 81 percent of all employees surveyed want to see approximate salaries displayed in job ads. The preference is higher among men:

    • 76 percent of men
    • 85 percent of women
  • Those in Healthcare feel the strongest, with almost 9 in 10 (89 percent) employees saying they would like to see approximate salaries when looking for a new job

2. I am the employer for a job listing and the salary estimate is off. Can I update the estimate?

Yes. If employers feel a Glassdoor estimated pay range is off on your job listing(s), employers are welcome to update pay ranges themselves by logging into their Employer Centre with a Free Employer Account. Once in, just click on the “Jobs & Recruiting” tab, and then “All Jobs.” Pay ranges on jobs that employers update will be reflected within one business day. If pay ranges are not updated or there is a problem, employers can contact our salaries team at

3. I am the employer and we did not give you permission to include pay information in our job listings on Glassdoor. Please remove it.

At Glassdoor, our goal is to help match the right people with the right employers by leveraging workplace transparency, including offering more information around pay to help ensure pay expectations meet pay realities. In turn, this helps employers recruit more informed candidates which employers say lead to better retention rates, and more productive and more engaged employees. We are also committed to treating all employers equally, regardless of paid or unpaid relationships with Glassdoor. As such, we do not remove salary estimates from a company’s job listings on Glassdoor.

However, pay ranges can be updated to reflect more reliable pay ranges that you, the employer, would like displayed. All you have to do is log into your Employer Centre with a Free Employer Account.  Once in, just click on the “Jobs & Recruiting” tab, and then “All Jobs.” Pay ranges on jobs that employers update will be reflected within one business day. If pay ranges are not updated or there is a problem, employers can contact our salaries team at

4. How are salary estimates calculated?

Salary estimates are generated by Glassdoor using salary data from millions of employees and third-party sources using patent-pending machine learning algorithms. Salary estimates factor in recent user-generated salary reports for similar job titles at the company, its competitors and other employers for a specific location.

5. Why are there salary estimates in some job listings, but not all?

Salary estimates currently appear in more than half (approximately 52 percent) of online job listings found on Glassdoor in the U.S. In the near future, we hope to increase our coverage of salary estimates in job listings, including increasing coverage to markets outside the U.S.

If a salary estimate is not provided on a job listing found on Glassdoor in the U.S., Canada or UK, it means there is not enough data available for our proprietary algorithm to calculate a reliable salary estimate. But, as more data becomes available, a salary estimate may appear in that job listing at a later date.

Employers may update jobs without a salary estimate. To update a salary estimate:

  • Sign in to the Employer Centre.
  • Click on Jobs.
  • Click + Add Salary.
  • All changes will be reflected within one business day.
    Note: Only jobs with + Add Salary will allow a salary to be added.

For more information on salary estimates in job listings on Glassdoor, see our Help Centre article.

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