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Social: Not Just Recruiting's Responsibility

Social media provides organisations with huge opportunities when it comes to recruiting talent.  Whether it is building the employer brand, keeping in touch with alumni, direct sourcing, hanging out on the platforms where your potential talent is, or simply distributing vacancies, many organisations now understand the need for a social approach to hiring and include within their strategy.

Social problems

All too often, it falls solely to the recruiter to make social recruitment happen. Under the old, traditional methods of hiring, leaving the task of attracting potential candidates to someone in the HR team worked just fine. When recruiting was all about placing an advertisement in the local newspaper or a trade journal, the recruiter had the relevant skills and contacts. But when it comes to social recruitment, a different approach is needed. It isn’t just about writing a great advert or picking the best job board, it is about utilising networks and connections too.

Without question, using social media to recruit is a fundamental skill for any good recruiter in 2015. But in our increasingly social and digital world, the responsibility for attracting talent needs to be much wider too. The hiring manager must also be social. They have a key role to play in hiring for their own team – not just at the CV or interview stages.

Why? On a practical level, they have the network – or at least they should have. If a hiring manager is sufficiently social, then they are in the perfect place to get their role in front of the most relevant of connections.

The socially savvy candidate (and many are now just so) is also sure to research the hiring manager in the social space prior to any interview. Presenting the best possible impression of themselves and their organisation is crucial. After all, as I’ve blogged before; the best candidates will always have plenty of options.

Recruiting talent is everyone’s responsibility today, and so is sharing the employer brand message. You can’t be a truly social business, or completely take advantage of all the opportunities of social hiring, if only one or two people are doing it.

How to get your hiring manager social

Getting your hiring managers involved in the process can be easier said than done; although social media comes naturally to many, there are equally just as many people who still think it’s all about sharing what you had for breakfast.

Here are three practical things that you can do in order to help your hiring managers play their part in social recruiting:

  1. Explain the social basics, especially if they are not already using social media. Provide some hands on training, help them with the terminology, explain your corporate guidelines, even provide content to share as they take their first steps. Help them make social become a habit, rather than a single share of a vacancy.
  2. Guide them in creating a professional social media presence. Maybe it sounds a little obvious, but having a good photograph, complete profile and a detailed summary will all help to present a positive image towards potential candidates.
  3. Help them see what is in it for them too. Hopefully, getting social should help share the employer brand messages and disseminate those important vacancy details. It might just lead them to the new team member of their dreams.  But social is much, much more than that. It can help these managers keep up to date, build their own personal networks, learn on the go and in the moment. It can help them connect with their teams, build a personal brand, be an authentic leader. Need I continue?

And finally, point them in the direction of your company profile here on Glassdoor, and encourage them to share their own experiences about working at your organisation?

After all, this is the social world.