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6 Ways to Transform Employee Performance in the New Year

If you’re on the hunt for ways to spark employee performance this year, look no further. Here are some proven ways other...
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In-Depth Culture Advice from CEO and Co-Founder of Madwire

To understand what drives culture at a winning company like Madwire, we sat down with CEO and co-founder, JB Kellogg. We hope s...
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Guide to Automatic Enrolment Workplace Pensions

By 2018, all UK employers – even if they employ just one person – must provide ‘automatic enrolment’ into a workplace p...
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9 Ways Recruiters Use Glassdoor

In honour of Glassdoor’s 9th anniversary, we’re highlighting 9 ways recruiters use Glassdoor to win top talent. Each of the...
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The Brutal Truth About Why Nobody Wants to Work for Your Company

Dear employers: There’s not a talent shortage in the UK. Potential employees just think your company’s no good. Here’s wh...
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Two Thirds of UK Working Women Would Shun Employers over Lack of Equal Pay

A new survey* from Glassdoor shows that companies that fail to pay men and women the same will struggle to recruit female tale...
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7 Perfect April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

Work wins are usually measured by their ability to foster collaboration, beat goals, close deals, exceed standards, crush numbe...
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To Hygge or KonMari? How to Encourage Employees to Clean Up Their Desks

Every organisation requires many types of people to effectively carry out their mission—which means you’ll have some button...
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The A-Z of Feedback

It’s no secret that feedback is hugely important in the workplace. Giving and receiving useful feedback is a key part of both...
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Using Motivation and Employer Brand to Retain Employees

As I was browsing through my LinkedIn feed this morning, I found this quote and couldn’t agree with it more: “Great compani...
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10 Reasons Employees Resign

Good managers know very well how expensive employee turnover can be and work diligently to keep those costs at a minimum. It...
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