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8 Ways to Manage A Team Through Change

Change is constantly happening on your team and in business. Whether it’s new leadership, a reorganisation, a merger or acqui...
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How Will Generation Z Affect the Workplace?

No two generations are the same. The attitudes, passions, strengths and weaknesses of each generation are moulded by the world ...
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6 Lessons About Company Culture From Harry Potter

You can love what you do at your job. You can be passionate about the results. But if your company’s workplace culture...
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How Being Vulnerable Strengthens Leaders

If you think leadership strength is founded on hiding emotions, keeping insecurities under wraps, and pretending you know every...
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Shape Your Brand Through Your People

When I joined HomeServe, it was a company going through a tough time. For many years, it was a corporate high flyer...
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When Management Should Actually Apologise

Saying ‘sorry’: it is a courteous expression needed within the workplace? Or are apologies over-used and are therefore unde...
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Wise Up to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As employers we hold a certain amount of power. I don’t just mean writing the checks and providing financial stability; I mea...
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