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Show, Don’t Tell! 6 Brilliant Recruiting Videos

Did you know that job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without videos, and that companies receive a...
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Innovative Uses of Glassdoor Reviews and Ratings by Employers

Glassdoor has been active in the UK for around three years now, and in that time many employers have started to use...
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Recruitment Marketing 101 with Glassdoor and Enhance Media

While Glassdoor helps job seekers find jobs at companies they love, Enhance Media looks to simply help companies recruit better...
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Why Employer Brand Videos Work

The explosion in online video thanks to high-speed data connections on smartphones has radically shifted consumption away from ...
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Is Your Recruiting Team Doing These 7 Things?

Is your recruiting team doing enough to help your company win the war for talent? I’ve worked at companies prior to Glassdoor...
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