Employer Branding

Make a great first impression

Your Glassdoor profile may be someone’s only exposure to your company. Make the most of it.

“Glassdoor allows you to write about your brand and showcase your culture and then put it in front of talent that you want to capture.”

— Melissa Hooven, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition

Respond to Reviews

Job seekers want to hear your voice

Responding to reviews is a way to show them who you are and what you stand for. It provides transparency and gives people confidence in your company.

Brand Ads

Reach the talent you’re looking for

Brand advertising helps you tell your company story to the candidates you’re searching for – even if they're not searching for you. Our brand ads allow you to target audiences on the Glassdoor platform and across the internet.


*Glassdoor Internal Data, comparing performance of organic and sponsored UK jobs with Glassdoor for April - June 2019