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Brexit Checklist:

For HR and Recruitment Professionals

Brexit Checklist HR Recruitment

As Brexit looms, business leaders are increasingly concerned about how prepared their HR and recruitment functions are to handle its potential impacts.

We have compiled a checklist to help you consider how Brexit will affect your company and help you prepare accordingly for both existing employees and for filling future roles.

For Existing Employees:

  • Identify the EU nationals in your workforce who are based in the UK.
  • Familiarise yourself with the EU Settlement Scheme, designed to give clarity and security for EU nationals already living and working in the UK. Consult the government’s toolkit for employers.
  • Make sure your EU national employees understand the impact of these changes on the individuals affected and on your organisation.

44% of employers reported greater difficulty in recruiting during 2018 and 34% reported challenges in retaining staff from the EU.1

  • Implement some forms of measurement internally to help you identify trends and potential problem areas resulting from Brexit e.g. tracking turnover, seeking regular feedback from your employees.
  • Review and enhance your company’s well-being offering to create a package that provides the physical and emotional support that your employees need, especially in these times of heightened change and uncertainty.
  • Consider the current and potential skill gaps in your business that would typically require a new hire and identify existing employees who could upskill to fill these gaps. Investing in training and developing your existing staff may offset potential talent shortages post-Brexit.

For Future Hiring:

  • Conduct a full review of your employer value proposition and how you communicate your company’s story and values to job seekers. Start by assembling a project team and surveying your existing employees — finding out what they value about your organisation etc.
  • Consider what your review has shown. Will your current EVP resonate with the talent you’re looking for? Identify the areas that fall short of the ideal.
  • Strategise and begin implementing the changes necessary to ensure your EVP attracts the best talent in a competitive talent marketplace.

Some estimates suggest that Brexit has caused as high as a 95% fall in the number of EU workers joining the UK workforce.2

  • Review your hiring roadmap and identify the specific roles you plan to hire for which may be affected by Brexit. Is there a sufficient talent pool in the UK for these roles?
  • To attract the best of the best, your job ads must be catchy, easy to digest and sell not only the role but your organisation too. Review your current job ads and improve where necessary. Consult our How to Create Job Ads That Convert guide for actionable advice.


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