Industry: Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
  • 3
    commercial recruits in under 7 months
    From entry to executive levels
  • £961
    cost per hire
    Compared with industry average of £5,300
  • 300%
    increase in brand awareness
    Helped drive quality applicants to Huddle

When I compared numbers of views in early 2014, I found our Glassdoor page had far more views than our LinkedIn company page, and at that same time, we were just using the free employer account. Once we partnered with Glassdoor and began managing our page’s content, we saw a 300% increase in candidate awareness. Andrea Marston Head of Talent Acquisition at Huddle


  • Build brand awareness in a competitive market
  • Discover cost-effective ways for recruiting talent
  • Drive quality traffic to Huddle’s enhanced profile


  • Job Ads: Target quality candidates and further increase brand awareness
  • Enhanced Profile:Feature photos, benefits and insights into Huddle’s culture

Helping Job Seekers to:

  • Gain insight into Huddle's company culture
  • Search for Huddle jobs across any device
  • Self-qualify for positions before they apply

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